Winter Season Essay in English

It is said that the Winter season is one of the most loving and important seasons among all other seasons. The Winter season is one of the four seasons in India. Winter means cool, and winter is the coolest season that starts from December and lasts till March. In the months of December and January, the temperature decreases mostly, and it varies from place to place. Some places feel less cold, while some places feel colder due to the climatic and tropical regions. Many of the people play outside in the winter seasons by fighting with the snow and making snowmen, skiing and ice hockey, etc. 

The winter season is one of the most favorite seasons of the people where they can feel the soothing heat sleeping inside their blankets. During the extreme cold and the festivals of Diwali and Christmas, many of the schools and colleges remain closed, and students and kids enjoy a lot in the winter in their homes. Some went outside for trips and tours to enjoy the winter. In the winter season, the span of days becomes smaller than that of the nights, and thus the day ends very soon in the evenings, and the temperature starts decreasing after the sunset. 

The major reason behind the decrease in the temperature during the winter seasons is because of the revolution of the earth around the sun. During the winters, the distance between the sun and the earth becomes maximum, and due to this, the heat of the sun rays won’t affect much of the land regions as in the summers. This phase is also called the winter solstice. People enjoy the barbecue and sitting in front of the flame or fireworks burning outside that releases the heat in the surrounding. The temperature of the water is less and so chilled that it seems like it was taken out from the refrigerator. Many people use geysers or heaters to warm the water and take baths. 

Many people like to walk early in the morning and do exercises, wake up early in the morning and start working out, go out for a jog, doing exercises to make their body warm and healthy. Many of the hot drinks like coffee, tea, and soups are being served. The sun rises late during the winters and sometimes not. The fog is spreaded over the environment in the morning, and sometimes it is so dense that it seems difficult to see for so long. Due to this fog, the possibility of road accidents increases. The farmers, beggars, homeless people, and animals affected mostly in this season. Many transportation facilities like flights, trains, buses, and trucks also suffered because of the seasonal winter effects. Most of the flights and trains even get canceled due to extreme fog. 

Apart from these problems, I personally love this season the most. This season brings a lot of happiness and gives many fresh fruits and vegetables. This season is also good for the flower plants because everywhere in the garden, there are many flowers blooming, and the surroundings seem to be like heaven. This makes this season more beautiful than it is. 

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