Essay on Holi in English for Students

Holi is one of the most popular festivals in the Hindu religion. It is the festival of colors. This festival is celebrated in the month of March, and according to the Hindu calendar, this day is celebrated in Falgun month. Every Indian citizen who waits for this festival celebrates with joy, plays with colors, and makes many delectable Indian dishes. It is a festival of celebration which only celebrates with friends and family full of happiness and forgets the bad deeds and enmities and evilness. It is a kind of festival where people forget their troubles and enjoy their friends and brotherhood a lot. We use colors and other materials to play and color our closed ones, hug them with happiness, and take blessings from our elders. 

The story behind this festival is very popular in this era, and we are celebrate this festival as a celebration of the victory of good and over evil. Hindus believe that there was a devil king named Hiranyakashyap long ago. It is believed that Hiranyakashyap gets blessings from the Lord Brahma, the Father and superior of Gods, that no man, no woman, not any animal, the weapon could ever kill him because of his deep devotional spirit. Because of the blessings, he became evil and arrogant and started doing evil things in this world. He demanded everyone not to become a devotee of Gods, but rather make his devotion and consider and treat him a god. He had a son named Prahalad, who is a great devotee of Lord Narayana, and a sister named Holika, who is also blessed that she never burns from the fire. Because of the fear of Hiranyakashyap, everyone starts chanting and worshiping him except his own son, Prahalad. He himself punished his son many times but failed. At last, he ordered his sister, Holika, to sit in the dense fire along with Prahalad and kill him by burning. Prahalad is one of the true believers and devotees of Lord Vishnudev. Sister Holika is burnt in the fire, and Prahalad comes out safely by the blessings of Lord Vishnu dev. He kills Hiranyakashipu by taking another disguise and saves everyone from his evil practices.

Thus, after this incident, people start chanting and worshiping Lord Vishnu, and after the death of Holika from Fire, everyone starts celebrating the ‘Holi’ and ‘Holika Dahan festival thereafter.

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