Nature Essay in English for Students

Nature and its beauty are one of the most beautiful gifts of God for every human being. It is one of the greatest blessings to the living things present in this world. It is also called “Mother Nature.” But some specific reasons and some achievements of human beings with technology. Humans are slowly neglecting the importance of Nature. Nature’s beauty is like a heaven for poets, writers, artists, and many more nature lovers. They always mention the beauty of nature in their novels, books, stories, poems, thoughts and imaginations, paintings, etc. 

Nature is present everywhere around us in various forms like water that we drink and use, air that we breathe and feel, the feel of smooth heat from the sunlight and the delightful fragrance of the flowers from the plants and trees, the mouth-watering smell from the fruits of the trees and the relaxing sound of air in the surrounding, all are the forms of the Nature. So, we have to understand the value of nature and start valuing it before it is getting too late. 

Nature nourishes us with its pleasant beauty as a mother nourishes their babies. All the healthy lifestyles we live, like eating and drinking healthy meals, drinks, the air we breathe, the wood we use for various purposes, are fulfilled by nature. The two major elements of nature by which the entire life depends on sunshine and rainfall that comes from nature. But, because of technological advancements, people are forgetting nature. Humans must have to understand the value and the importance of nature that it is important for the survival of life and humanity. Because if nature has the power to protect us from all the adverse effects of earth, then it is also capable of destroying mankind within seconds.  

Natural things like plants, animals, rivers, mountains, oceans, and other natural sources are also the same as nature. We have to respect and protect their existence on this planet. Otherwise, no other technology, nothing will save us from the rage of nature and natural calamities. To conserve nature from pollution and other consequences, we have to reduce the pollution level by increasing the reforestation programs all over the world which controls the soil erosion and raise the rainfall, controls the pollution levels from the factories by using non-conventional energy resources such as solar, wind and hydro, and tidal energies and control the global warming cause.

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