Essay on Environment in English

Environment plays an important role in our surroundings and for nature. It gives us immense benefits by many means that we can’t repay to the environment. Environment means natural forests, trees, animals, human beings, other living creatures who survive on Earth, and underwater bodies. The trees are one of the most efficient and important parts of our environment. It functions as the air filter, which filters the natural air by absorbing harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses from the surroundings and releases the fresh Oxygen that we take in to survive ourselves. Trees are required to feed water, some effective manure, or fertilizers to grow effectively. Plants help purify the water, reduce the chances of floods, and maintain the balance of the environment.

The environment refers to a geographical area, plants, mountains, seas, and oceans, where many living and non-living beings exist on Earth. It also contains the Atmosphere, stratosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, etc. The living species lived in a space in the Environment called Ecology, in which many of the researchers do research over here. Our ecosystem is a balanced ecosystem where we live peacefully along with all the essential benefits. A healthy ecosystem is a part of a healthy environment, and a healthy environment balances nature that is always better for the good and beneficial health of all the living species. It is necessary to maintain nature’s balance to run a healthy life cycle. 

Pollution is the major enemy of the healthy environment. It disturbs the flow of the ecosystem and pollutes the environmental health, which in turn causes many damages to the lifespan of the creatures or humans. It also causes global warming, the most powerful and evil enemy of our ecosystem. It is our responsibility to make our ecosystem healthy and pollution-free. This can only be done if we start using renewable and conventional energy resources rather than non-conventional resources that emit pollution in the surrounding, we have to avoid such things that cause more pollution in the environment. Thus we can save our nature and make a better and healthy environment for our upcoming generations. 

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