My Village Essay in English

India is a democratic nation, and it is also called the land of agricultural nations, where agriculture is considered the main and primary occupation. Over 7 lakh villages are present in India where people survive and run their life happily. Around 60% of the Indian population lives in villages and runs their lives simply in this advanced era where people compare their lives with the present technology by saying that people of today’s generation have reached the Moon, and village people are not developed much. But the truth is far different than what we actually see, we imagine regarding village life.

I also lived in a village, and my whole life was spent living in the village and its beauty. My village name is Ramagundam. It is located around 70 km west from Hyderabad. My village’s environment is like heaven to me because it is covered with natural beauty. Everyone lives happily and is very satisfied by the resources provided here in the village from nature. My village is free from outer disturbances and problems, and clean without any pollution such as air, noise, and traffic. My village is covered with the greenery and beauty of agriculture, and a very big fruit tree forest is located near my village, where many trees of fruits such as mango, chikoo, raspberries, oranges, and guavas are available in a wide quantity. Whenever we want to go and eat these fruits, we can go and enjoy these fruits without any problems. A huge dam reservoir is also located near our village, and my friends and our families visit there on weekends to enjoy and have fun in between the sweet sound of the water.

We all live in the 21st century, which is also called the century of technology where others get a lot of facilities obtained from technology. Most of the work of humans is simply done with the help of machines like cooking food, washing clothes, grinding spices, cleaning the house, etc. Electricity makes them feel relaxed and at ease. But all these make the humans of the cities less active, and because of laziness, they always suffer from several diseases or weaknesses.

In villages, these facilities are not available, but the feeling of the natural air in the surrounding always fails the air conditioner. I agree that the facilities of technological gadgets, better roads, transportation, and luxury facilities are not available but villages to have simple technologies which are sufficient for us to survive happily. I love my village, and I’m glad that I spent my childhood in the village and its beauty. My village is like heaven for me and for all the people who live in villages. 

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