Essay on Friendship in English

Friendship is one of the purest bonds and strong relationships in this world. Those people are really lucky ones who have true friends and whom we can trust blindly. It is a relationship between two individuals. This is a relationship of love, care, trust, sharing happiness and sadness, enjoys victories and support in loss. It means a friendship is not just a relationship to show but an emotion between two people who have similar interests. It is a precious gift to someone in this world in which one can stay with a person forever. 

A person interacts with many other people while out for work, tours, or other purposes. They meet a lot of people and spend some time and have small, casual or long talks. We behave friendly with them, but not everyone becomes our friend to whom we can hold for a long time. We met many people in school, college, and career life. We also have a large friend circle around us, but when it comes to counting true friends among our friends list, we often choose only one, two, or three among all of them to whom we share our true friendship.

There are two types of friendship: a group of good friends or casual friends, and the other is true friends or real (best) friends. Good friends are those to whom we meet regularly and share common things, spend time occasionally or in a casual manner. We enjoy happy moments like good friends and separate from one another. But true friends are those friends in our life to whom we share our common and personal secrets, talk, and demand help without any request. There are no secrets, no shyness, no simple behavior in front of our loyal friends. Best friends are those who are always there for us whenever we need them in our life, no matter good or bad. They always support, have fun, celebrate, and always support and suggest each other for the betterment of life.

Friendship is like family, some people don’t have a family, but they have a true friendship which is similar to a family. Sometimes you are happy by having a loving family, it is okay, but you also need a true friendship that makes you happy completely from the inside. In your family, You have many loving people who treat you like friends, but you can’t share your most personal secrets because you are good friends, but you are family after all. Family may leave you in your bad times, friends also may leave you, but a true friend never leaves you in any of the critical situations. They always stand by your side, support you, face problems, and solve them. Every relationship is somehow based on some intellectual benefits. They can break somewhere when the need gets satisfied, but there are only two relations that never break in any situation: they are the relationship between you and your parents and with your true friends. They never demand anything from you and are always there for you. These relations are pure and complete. Having at least one true friend in your life is like a precious gem to you. 

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