10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher for Students in English

Helo students, Are you looking for 10 lines on my Favourite teacher essay in English. Here we have covered about my best teacher 10 sentences.

Here, we have covered the topic of the importance of teachers and a 10 lines short essay about the teacher that will help you to understand the teacher better.

My Teacher

The essential part of our life to understand something or know its importance and existence is a need for every human being. The teacher explains it, and the teacher is one of the important parts in our life to make us capable of understanding and viewing a world properly. The first teacher in our life is our parents, and later all come by the interaction with the world.

We all need teachers at every point of life to understand life, but it doesn’t mean that a teacher is only a person we meet in schools and colleges, but those who let us be aware of things provide information regarding anything are called teachers.

My Teacher Essay 10 lines

  1. My teacher’s name is Sir William Anderson.
  2. He is one of my favorite teachers in my school.
  3. He is my class teacher in class 10th and is always punctual in taking classes.
  4. My teacher is the kindest and gentlest person I know.
  5. He regularly takes our attendance and then starts the class with a positive smile.
  6. His personality looks very tough, but he is very soft inside. He behaves according to the situation.
  7. He always tries to make us disciplined students and teach good behavior to become good human beings.
  8. Although he is also very meritorious in the subjects of mathematics and history.
  9. He always makes sure that no one hesitates to ask questions in the class and tries to clear every doubt.
  10. My teachers are volleyball players apart from studies and teach us to be good at education and sports.

10 Lines on My Favorite Teacher

  1. In my school, we have around twenty-four teachers for teaching.
  2. Out of them, my favorite teacher is Miss Seema Bharadwaj.
  3. She is our class teacher and teaches us an English subject.
  4. She is a young and more energetic lady than other teachers.
  5. Her teaching skills and way of explaining chapters are outstanding.
  6. Nobody feels bored in her lectures.
  7. She always clears the doubts of students in class with a positive smile.
  8. She is very supportive and polite with her students.
  9. At the end of the class, Ma’am asks us questions.
  10. Most of my friends also like her very much.

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