Child Labour Essay In English for Students

According to the Law of the Child Adolescent Labor Act, 1986, the Factories Act, 1958, and other law acts of outer governments along with the Indian Government. They protect child rights from child laborers. As per the child labor act, 1986, it is mentioned that children below the age of 14 years will not work anywhere in factories, shops, or any hazardous places. As we have heard this many times, child labor in movies theatres happened because of uneducated, illiterate people in society who only care about their short-term profit. So the poor and needy people send their kids to work outside and collect money so they can survive with their families. The employment of children in any work that is forcefully done affects their growth by mental or physical growth and development.

Many of them have a money-saving attitude and do child labor in hotels cafes. The moral benefits are only because completing work from children is that they had to pay less for the same work adults did. Suppose you think that the kid is completely capable of fending their family by earning money from doing child labor at the age of their study. In that case, you are committing the crime, and according to the child labor law, you will also be subjected to imprisonment for a few years along with a penalty. This law is also applicable for the property owners who allow such kids to work before the age of 14. 

In many countries, people run human trafficking works by kidnapping children from various places and compelled them to work in hazardous and non-hazardous places, factories, and other industries requiring child labor. It is totally illegal to run this business of child trafficking, but still, this can be done traditionally with the support of Mafias and Corrupt politicians. This work has existed in such countries where a lot of poverty and unemployment occurs. Such families cannot feed their kids then put their kids to work and earn money to survive. This leads to illiteracy and imbalance in society regarding labor and owners. Suppose we really wanted to end this practice of child labor and save them from destroying their childhood by working forcefully. In that case, we have to take strict actions against such kinds of people with the help of defense and punish them publicly if the management won’t help.

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