Summer Season Essay in English

The summer season is also called the hottest season among other seasons. In this season, the temperature of the earth and the atmosphere goes on peak and is very hot, and the water evaporates very fast, that happens because of the summer solstice effect of the earth. The summer season starts in late March and ends in the month of June. This can also go longer, for two to three weeks, if no rain occurs. People start making arrangements of settling cooling sources to make their home cool during the summer season. Those who never touched their coolers started repairing the coolers, air conditioners, etc.

The changes in the seasons occur because of the tilt of the earth. While taking the revolutions of the sun, the position of the earth gets closer to the sun, and due to this close distance, the temperature becomes high in this season. The timing of day and night also changes and seems opposite to in the winter seasons. The day’s span becomes longer, and the spn of the night becomes smaller. That’s why the daytime is longer as compared to that of the nighttime. In this season, the sky becomes clear, and no clouds form in the sky. Hence the sun shines brighter in summer. The farmlands become empty, no crops are grown during the summers, and the land remains empty to enhance nutrients naturally.

Apart from all the problems, the summer season is the most entertaining season for children. They enjoy this season to the fullest, and they don’t have to worry about their schools. During summers, students get annual holidays, and the kids have more fun at home, going out to the beaches, resorts, and aqua parks to enjoy the holidays. Some kids go to the village and native places to spend their weekends with their grandparents. Enjoying soft drinks, beverages, icecreams, and ice candies become a part of their life in the summers. The hot air flows outside the environment, and sometimes it affects people’s health by a normal problem called dehydration. To avoid this problem, we have to dehydrate our bodies by drinking plenty of water and making ourselves cool. The sellers sell different kinds of cool dishes like lassi, ice golas, icecreams, soda, stress-relieving juices, lemon water, drinks, etc., to give relief from the extreme heat. Mango is also available in markets during the summer season, and people sell mango juices, sugarcane juice and other fruit juices in summer to make the human body cool from inside.

The students also get a lot of homework and assignment work during the summer holidays because they don’t go outside unnecessarily in the excess temperature, complete their homework and stay connected with their studies. Not only human beings, animals and birds too get irritated because of the hot climate. Everyone becomes thirsty during the day. So it is our responsibility to place water for birds and animals during summers.

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