Rainy Season Essay in English

Dancing in the first rain of the rainy season and getting wet is one of the best feelings in the world. The smell of the soil when the rain comes makes you and all the farmers happy from inside. I live in India, and my country is known for its rainy season as my country is located in the equatorial region, because of that, many portions of the country come under the tropical region. The rainy season is one of the seasons of the weather and ecosystem. In India, we have seen and heard many times in the weather forecasting news channels that some of the states hold less record of rain while other states hold a maximum record of rainfall during the rainy seasons. This is because of the topographical changes in the country.

The Himalayan Ranges on the northern side hold the wind of moisture content and transform it into clouds which then travel downwards and start raining. The moisturized wind, which is also called monsoon winds, comes from the different parts of the ocean and spreads its blessings in the form of rain in different countries. The tenure of the rainy season is around 3 to 4 months in India every year, mostly in the months from July to October. During this phase, the rainy clouds forms because of the moisture winds come from the oceans and seas, and by losing the temperature, it gets heavier and once stopped because of the heavier weight, the clouds turns into raindrops and starts showering from the sky and makes everyone happy, which is quite enjoyable in the cool breeze atmosphere. 

The thunderstorms generate when two big solid clouds collide in the sky, which is quite common in India. The heavy rainfall gives the intention of dark clouds and lightning. In many of the cities in India, the rainwater harvesting system is also installed to overcome the problem of droughts. This process helps in increasing the water level of the ground and gives relief to many people in the summers. Many farmers start working and plowing on their farmlands and take the benefit of the rain and irrigate their land naturally, which then becomes a good source of water supply. The lakes, rivers, ponds, and other water bodies get filled and look beautiful. The rainfall cleans the environment, houses, vehicles, trees, and the dusty leaves from the dust and turns the surroundings beautiful and soothing. The rainy season cleans the environment and ecosystem from pollution. It is also called the green season because the rain, grasses, and other herbs and shrubs start growing everywhere. The rainy season is no less than a great gift of God to mankind. 

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