My Teacher Essay in English

The teacher is one of the most important people in our life who teaches us about everything from life to study. It can be a male or a female depending on the school where we study. We all know that a mother is the first and the best teacher of everyone’s life. Mother teaches us to take the first step in our life, speaking the first letter or first word, introducing the world with you, and also introducing you with the world. 

A teacher is the most valuable person after parents, who plays a vital role in shaping a student’s life. We meet many teachers in our educational life, and we like them too with their personality, teaching skills, way of communication, behavior, life-changing thoughts, moral ideas, etc. We all go to school in our childhood and cry first when we step into the educational premises. There are many students who also cry like us and also some teachers who took care of us. We liked a few of them, and then we started understanding and listening to their words, their commands, their orders. Later, we grow slowly, start accepting the teachers as their life’s mentor and even consider some teachers as the best teachers. 

Actually, having the best teacher is a wonderful thing in life, but having a teacher is the most important thing in life. Because all teachers are good and always wish good for their students, nobody thinks that their student fails in life or does not succeed. Everyone wants you to achieve success in life and become a good person in society. The teacher introduces you to the ups and downs of life makes you capable of thinking and understanding the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. He teaches a lot of subjects in your syllabus, teaches you to make yourself fit by doing exercises, and awards you with life’s most important thing to become a good human being and raise your name in society. 

A good teacher can be a good mentor, a good philosopher, a guide, a friend to the student. A teacher is an intelligent and well-educated person who then teaches and helps their students learn new life lessons. They take care of their students like their family or kids, giving them proper education and good manners. Teachers teach us different languages related to our syllabus and the international language, English Language. Some of the students choose their favorite teachers from their favorite subjects. Some of the students choose their favorite teacher because of their behavior and thoughts related to life’s reality. Having a teacher is like having a precious gem in your life.

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