My Hobby Essay In English

A hobby is a wonderful art or skill. Every person has a habit of making a special hobby or a hidden talent. Hobbies play an important role in everyone’s life, or we can say it is a part of life. We all have some kind of hobby that we do in our spare time to make ourselves happy. Hobbies help us escape from this real-world and tend to forget all the worries we face and hold every day because of this tense life. It makes us feel warm and gives hope to live freely and make our life interesting and amazing. Hobbies help to develop our skills and increase our knowledge where we can learn some different stuff. 

As the generation passes, we don’t have much time to spend on ourselves. We see that everywhere people want to compete with one another to go ahead. Because of excessive burden and pressure, people often get time to live a healthy and peaceful life. Having a good hobby is proven as one of the most effective stress relievers. It consumes all your stress like a stress-buster, and we easily enjoy our life with peace. We can say that a person without a hobby is like a living body only. The Hobby makes you realize your inner potential and some extra skills that you have. 

The Hobbies are also a part of an extra source of income. Somehow, if we like painting, we can also become artists and make money from our drawings. If we like writing, we can also become an author or novelists and become more popular by selling or publishing our self-written books. If we like dancing, we can take dancing classes in our free time. If we like singing, we can sing songs with a group of orchestras, or we can make singing albums videos and become popular in Public and social media. Some people have a hobby of collecting tickets from various places, like railway tickets, passports, and Having at least one good hobby makes you live well and happy and tends to enjoy every moment of life. 

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