Essay on Save Water Save Life in English for Students

Water is the major source of life, and we must have to save it to survive. We all know that the first life existed underwater on Earth. A famous poet said, “Water, water everywhere we see, not a drop to drink we need.” It is totally correct because we know that our Earth’s surface is occupied by 71% of water and the rest 29% island, which is then made continents and islands. Apart from 71% of the water bodies, only 1% of water is purely capable of drinking and doing other purposes. 

Not a single human or living being can even think of survival on Earth without water. We cannot easily ignore the absence or shortage, or depletion of water on Earth because the major truth is that we all are dependent on water. In every field, we require water for irrigation of agriculture, run Industries, Transportation, drinking and bathing, and in our day-to-day life works. In agriculture, we require fresh water to feed the soil for the production of crops, and farmers produce the food with the help of water and soil. In the water bodies, different kinds of fishes and other species that are too dependent on the water are available. Forests need water to survive their plants and trees and balance the ecosystem. The electricity produced from hydropower gives us major support in the field of revolution, which has also been possible due to water resources. 

It is proved that the need for water is essential for living and surviving on Earth. We can’t even imagine a single day without water on land. So to avoid these situations coming and to face and live happily without any problems, we must save the water to save life on Earth. We have to collect and store water by harvesting rainwater and increase the groundwater level by storing the natural water from the rainwater cycle. Also, we have to open and clean the water storage areas such as ponds, rivers, canals, wells, and other storing places, which enhances the groundwater level and provides us plenty of water for our use. 

Water is also considered one of the five major matters of life on Earth. The water is tasteless, odorless, colorless, but it is still the most essential and delicious thing we have ever had on this planet, given by nature. Plants, animals, human beings, and all the living creatures on Earth need water to continue their life. If we really want to make our future bright and secure for the next generations, we must take several steps and strict actions to save the water from unnecessarily wasting it. Saving water is the responsibility of every single citizen for the betterment of our life. Hence it is said, “Save Water, Save Life.”

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