Water Pollution Essay in English

Earth is also called a blue planet in our solar system. It looks like a blue ball from space because of the existence of water on our Earth. Water is one of the most important resources on Earth, which is very necessary for the survival of the life of humans as well as animals. Water bodies cover around 71% of the Earth’s surface, and oceans covered 96.5% of the water from the total existence. We only have 2 to 3% of water to use and drink regularly for survival. Yet, we face many severe problems called water pollution because of our misbehavior and are unaware of the impact of water pollution on the survival of life on earth. 

Most countries don’t have a source of pure water even to drink. This is one of the serious problems caused by the increase in water pollution, which is done by human beings and their evil practices like industrialization. Water cannot be created man made as it is a natural source and can be obtained because of the water cycle. Our bad practices like urbanization, industrialization, deforestation, and water transportation that increases water pollution.

The major sources that lead to water pollution are domestic waste, industrial effluents, spreading pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers, and farmlands waste. Toxic water is released from the factories without treating them and releases in the water bodies, emission of the toxic crude oils and fossil fuels from the water transportation. Water pollution can cause very harmful and bad impacts on life. It has caused many dangerous diseases that even kill humans or may paralyze them and damage their nervous system. Water pollution cause may kill the aquatic animals, and their dead bodies often increase the water pollution and spread bad smells over the surrounding, which is very dangerous for all of us. 

We have to take steps to prevent or reduce water pollution to save life on earth by reducing its harmful effects. We already know that we don’t have enough clean water to drink and use. So it is our major responsibility to conserve water in the event of a greater extinction. We have to make more sewage treatments so that water released from the industries is treated before release, which reduces the toxins from water. We have to make proper and limited usage of water and avoid excessive use of water which results in the conservation of water.

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