Corruption Essay in English

Corruption is one of the evilest and most criminal activities in India, but people are fearlessly committing corruption because of the corruption and its adverse effects. Taking bribery is the most common method of corruption. It is a complete case of criminal activity and a kind of dishonesty. Taking corruption from the people for completing their work is one of the major crimes, and this will have to stop, or the police and law should take actions against this criminal offense according to the constitutional law. 

Demanding for corruption reflects the greedy and selfish nature of the person that shows a person with a lack of humanity. Bribery involves illegal work and improper use of favors and demanding gifts in exchange for completing the work for personal benefits. Once a person loses his humanity by asking for bribery, he loses his honor and demands a favor, including money, property, land, company shares, any liable assets, sexual favors, employment or entertainment, embezzlement, or political benefits. The demanding graft is one of the major forms of corruption used globally. Graft and corruption include bribery, extortion, nepotism, and other personal benefits to be demanded in return for work. 

Extortion is one form of blackmailing, favoritism or nepotism are the same, where selecting closed ones or relatives for jobs or providing employment is one of the old methods of corruption. This ruins the life of deserving candidates with ability and talent. Corruption is a very common thing that is casually seen in government or private offices. The most common act of demanding corruption is bribery in such places to complete our work. It is also found in the form of embezzlement, in which a responsible person can slightly commit frauds and steal money or cash from the accounts by interfering with them.

Overall, corruption destroys trust, weekend humanity, and belief in other humans. Corruptions can not be completely stopped by any methods or any kind of special or strict rules, laws, or actions. It can only be controlled by applying tough laws, and avail punishments on people caught taking corruption or demanding bribes from people. To raise fear of harsh punishments in the mind of corrupt people, and due to this fear, they can stop demanding the graft. Another better option for controlling corruption is to offer a better salary. The major point of changing the mindset and demanding bribery is the need for money, illegally making more property to live a luxurious life. Increasing the number of employees reduces the burden of work and thus relieves them from work and reduces the demand for bribes to do work. They are applying cams and CCTVs in the official premises to stop the corruption effects and, above all, strict laws to be leased and immediate actions to be taken on such cases to arouse fear in the mind of the corrupt people. Corruption is a kind of mind cancer, and it cannot be cured but controlled by controlling the mindset. 

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