Social Media Essay in English

In the 21st generation, we all are aware of the power of Social Media. Everything related to technology has a positive and a negative side. We all are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of technology internet. Social media is also a combination of the internet and the technology used in a wide range by today’s young generation. It is a platform that is used as a tool to become famous or gain popularity among the social public. It is one of the easiest ways to become a public sensation overnight. 

The power of social media is very dense, and it impacts good and bad in between the people. Social media platforms like Facebook (META), Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and many other platforms become a platform and give people a chance to connect with each other whether we know them or not as we all know that every single thing has two sides like a coin. The same is applicable to Social media too. Everyone has their own opinion according to their point of view. 

The easiest way to grab education from the internet is through social media, and it is a good source of digital education. Because of Social media, the world is at our fingertips. All the information one requires is just a click away. To express one’s qualities, talents, and other informational or sensational stunts to make them viral instantly. Distant education is possible only because of Social media. We can attend the lectures held in America while sitting in India. The news, headings, issues of the world, or any kind of informational or emergency incident spread immediately across the world with the help of social media. Long distances are not considered a barrier anymore. We can communicate with our friends and relatives overseas. Nowadays, Social media is widely used to make promotions, and advertisements, for many online businesses and make this platform a huge source of entrepreneurship to the world, from where one can start earning by making a little effort. 

Despite the advantages of social media, it has many disadvantages too. It is somehow considered one of the most harmful elements in society. It is responsible to ruin your privacy which can prove very harmful to someone’s life. Because of social media, all the important and personal information is spread unnecessarily, and this causes it to be hacked by hackers and later suffer from blackmailing. Today’s young generation is widely influenced by social media and indeed spending most of their time on social media without any benefit. It is also responsible for communal rivals and spreading fake news and wrong information, which leads to a public war and impacts as badly as poisons among peace-loving citizens. Influencing opposite gender together and tends to online chatting conversations over time and wasting time unnecessarily and impacts massive loss on the study. 

Social media, though, has advantages and also disadvantages. Still, it is our responsibility to make proper use of social media and spread awareness about social media’s power among people. Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people. 

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