Independence Day Essay in English

Independence day is a day when we get freedom from the British rulers and make our nation free from outsiders. India became a free and independent nation on 15th of August 1947 and created a history by giving freedom to the Indian people after over 200 years of the British Rules. Independence is not given to us as a gift from the Britishers. Many of the Indian freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to free the nation, their motherland, and free the nation from those white skin outsiders. India became the free Indian country in the world, and at the stroke of the midnight of this day, the first Prime Minister of free India unfurled the National flag by singing the National Anthem. 

On Independence Day, 15th August, Indian superiors proudly announced the freedom of the Indian nation by firstly hoisting the Indian flag on the Red fort and became the biggest vote-based system nation on the planet. Independence day is like our country’s birthday, and we celebrate it every year with pride and remember the unforgettable sacrifices of the great freedom fighters of our country. This day is celebrated as the national holiday in India. Many schools, colleges, organizations, associations, government, and private administrative offices celebrate this day with pride by hoisting the flag, marches, and doing many of the social works in the whole country. Our Indian prime Minister hoists a National flag on the Red Fort and addresses the whole country with his speech. 

We salute our great warriors, real patriotism inside their hearts, and their unforgettable sacrifice for the nation. India became the strongest United and democratic nation globally, and unity between every Individual Indian with diversity shows India’s real and fundamental strength. We are proud to be Indian and thankful to our soldiers because of them. We live in our country with peace, pleasure, and joy. Some of the historical buildings are decorated with the lights of shading a tricolor on the building after illuminating. Every school, college, institution, and administration are decorated with small flags and programs were taken, national flash hoisted, National Anthem and patriotic songs singing by the students, parades taken by the scout and NCC cadets. Sweets and chocolates were distributed among the students. Everyone in India feels happy and lives their life in peace. All this has happened because of the sacrifice of the freedom fighters. Hats off to our national heroes.

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