Importance of Education Essay

“Education is the most powerful weapon used to change the world, defeat literacy, poverty, injustice, differences, and other evil thoughts of the bad mindset from society,” Nelson Mandela rightly said. The importance of education is the essential thing for people to develop and live with pride in this world. Education makes people simple to grow better, but hard to cheat, make them govern the right thing but hard to make them live like a slave. Every Individual has the equal right to education irrespective of gender.

“Knowledge is power. Let the country become more powerful by the power of education, knowledge.” Education plays an important role in developing every citizen in society to make them become knowledgeable and responsible citizens. It provides the power of understanding the truth between reality and fraud. It helps to unreveal the tragic mystery of nature. It gives you the sense to identify the right or wrong things that happened in front of you, fight injustice, and make you capable of improving and working for the good changes for society. It is a significant tool that gives you knowledge, information, skill, techniques and makes them capable of knowing their rights and duties towards their family, friends, society and community, and for the nation. It helps to change your perception of your life.

Getting an education is not the only way of living, but getting the right education and to know the benefits of the education and its uses for the right things gives value to your education. The power of education forms character, character strengthens the mind, a strong mind increases knowledge, and the power of knowledge makes a human being independent and a decision-maker. Without education, a man is like an empty room with neither entrances nor exits, which is completely shut from inside and outside and has no use in the world. Education gives you the power of thinking, and when you start thinking, you have the ability to change things according to your thoughts.
The power of education always increases with the increase of knowledge. It is also said that education is the key to a healthy mind and a successful life. In India and other countries, many people are unaware of the education, literacy, knowledge, or even they won’t see a school in their life because of their poor lifestyle. They are not capable of getting the right education. This is because of the evil thoughts of some people. They make education a business material and charge huge amounts of money for education. Even government schools start making business from education. We have to change this wrong practice from society and help everyone to get an education. Many of the states announced free education to the girl child to spread awareness and encourage them to get an education and change the evil mindset from the society. Gravityfoot

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