Myself Essay in English for Students

Around eight billion people live on this Earth, and each of them is different from the others in this entire world’s population. Everyone has a special quality that differs them from others, and they all live for some purpose. Humans are one of the best creations of God, and I also think that my birth on this earth is for doing some extraordinary task. I think that what I see, feel, and observe in this world is all a plan for my life’s journey. 

Hello, I am Pragyan Jha, a middle-class-born person from Bihar. My parents are very polite and decent in our society. My family has a very good reputation among all others. My father runs a car service shop. His shop is just near our house in the main market. My mother is a housewife and also a small-scale businesswoman. She sells ladies’ costumes and dress materials like sarees and suits from home. My family has six people: me, my little sister, my parents, my grandmother, and my uncle. I am a commerce student, and I am studying in a college which is located in a neighboring city, and my little sister is studying in 8th class in the Government school of our town. Since childhood, we both have been good at studies because my mother always tries to take our home tuition. My uncle is a National level cricket player and also a coach of our locality’s cricket academy. He is very fit and has a very lean and healthy body.

Since childhood, we have faced so many problems in society because of poverty, and my relatives also deny us because we could never be in the condition to help them financially. But later, times changed, my father started a car servicing business, and my mother also started doing business from home and helped my father run the home and made us capable of studying in good college and school. My father always taught us the value of time, honesty, hard work, and commitment to the purpose.

As I am a commerce student, this is my final year of graduation. I am also preparing for the competitive exam BPSC, and I am very talented in mathematics, and my reasoning is quite good. This is my first year of preparation, and also I am concentrating on my health by doing physical exercises every day. I want to become an IAS and contribute to this world. I also want to start an NGO in my Mother’s name and help orphans give them a platform from where they can also stand on their own legs and do something good for this nation. 

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