Air Pollution Essay in English

We all live on Planet Earth, surrounded by the Atmospheric Environment. Earth’s environment is not pure and clean as we think and see in our surroundings. But because of the pollution emitted from industries, vehicles, and other sources that are responsible for causing the pollution. This pollution which adversely affects the health of humans and also animals, are called Air Pollution. It is an invisible kind of pollution which we can’t see from our naked eyes but impacts very badly on our health. 

We think that the air we breathe is pure and fresh, but it contains a lot of toxic gasses and dust particles present in the air that releases from the Industries, by an increase in the burning of the fossil fuels and the firewoods, burning of forests, smokes release from the nuclear emissions, CFCs, volcanic eruptions, and also from the industrial wastes, thermal nuclear radiations, etc. Due to the increase in industrialization, the toxic gasses emitted from the chimneys of the plant, including hazardous gasses and dust particles, pollutes the atmospheric air day by day. 

During the last few decades, an increase in industrialization led to an increase in transportation, and thus vehicle transportation increases which cause the burning of fossil fuel is a major quantity releasing the greenhouse gasses from the vehicles increased the number of air pollutants in a great quantity. In earlier times, there were a huge number of trees and forests that filter the air and reduce pollution, but due to deforestation, large numbers of trees are being cut down and still cut to increase urbanization. This results in less filtered air from the trees and leads to increased pollution. Due to this, many diseases can spread among human beings and also animals. It impacts us very badly, such as skin diseases, lung failures or respiratory disorders, heart attacks, cell damage in the respiratory systems, etc. 

There are certain ways to reduce the air pollution from the atmosphere and from that we can somehow prevent the environment from the adverse effects of the air pollutants. Above all, many initiatives like planting trees use of eco-friendly fuels are widely promoted worldwide. Starting the reforestation program and spreading awareness of the benefits of reforestation to human beings. It increases the number of trees, which filters the atmospheric air and absorbs greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, and increases the amount of oxygen on earth. 

Starting the Pollution Act laws and policies to the Industries to filter the glasses before releasing in the atmosphere and supports reforestation by planting trees near the industrial areas. This can minimize the release and impacts of toxins from the factories. Use of public transportation and avoiding the use of unnecessary personal transportation, and using the CNG or eco-friendly gasses or fuels to run the vehicles, which helps reduce the use of fossil fuels, results in decreasing the emission of the greenhouse gasses from vehicles. We can control the air pollution to a greater extinction, and only we have to understand the importance of the environment.

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