Personal Pronoun: Definition, Types, Examples, Sentences & list

Personal Pronoun

A personal pronoun is a type of pronoun in the parts of speech that shows the personal attachment of any substance or action with the subject.

It is also used to refer to a specific person or thing or a group of people. Here the usage of personal pronouns is changed a little in terms of the first person and third person respectively.

The personal pronouns are countable nouns because it is used to introduce a specific person such that I, you, she, he, it, they, we, etc. that are subjects of the sentence sometimes. It can be either in the masculine form or a feminine form.

From the above pronouns,

  • The first pronoun: I, we
  • The second person: You
  • Third-person: He, she, it, etc.

As we talk about the personal pronouns from the sentence,

Types of Personal pronoun

There are two personal pronouns which are,

  1. Subjective
  2. Objective

1. Subjective

The subjective personal pronoun is used to represent the subjects of the sentences.

For example I, we, you, he, she, it, they, etc.

2. Objective

The objective personal pronoun is used to represent the objects of the sentence connected or possessed with the respective subject.

 For example Me, mine, us, them, him, her, etc.

Person Personal Pronouns
Subject Object
Singular 1st I me
2nd you you
3nd he, she, it him, her, it
Plural 1st we us
2nd you you
3rd they them

Personal Pronoun Chart

personal pronoun chart

Examples of Personal Pronoun in Sentences

  1. Where are you going today?
  2. He is going for a walk outside.
  3. She is not coming to the evening’s party.
  4. You want to do some more fun.
  5. Why is it not working correctly?
  6. They are organizing a concert.
  7. We want to go for a picnic at the hill station.
  8. You have to wait here for his call.
  9. Is she dancing on the stage?
  10. We have to meet him at any cost.
  11. Does this property belong to me?
  12. She makes today’s dinner.
  13. He doesn’t like coffee anymore.
  14. His wedding celebration is fantastic.
  15. They caught a gang of thieves.
  16. The program is completed successfully because of us.
  17. We play football every morning.
  18. They eat too much to gain weight.
  19. It smells very delicious from the kitchen.
  20. He is watching cartoons all day.

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