Countable Noun: Definition, Examples & List

The Countable noun is a type of noun of a thing or substance that can be counted. It may be either in the singular form or the plural form. The nouns that are countable like a person, object, substances, or anything comes under the category of countable nouns.

The countable nouns are counted in numbers, and they can be one or more than one in quantity. For an object of a singular countable noun, it can be written with the article “a, or an” despite being number one.

countable noun

Some countable nouns which are related to us either in singular form or in a plural form are a dog, person, fork, bag, spoon, chair, table, box, bottles, orange, plate, house, rooms, etc.

Examples of Countable Noun in Sentences

  1. A biker has participated in a race of cars.
  2. Fox Company is going to organize programs back to back in a couple of months.
  3. He is going to start a restaurant.
  4. Chairs remain empty on the stage during a program.
  5. A Hindu temple is situated in Kedarnath in India.
  6. He issued a book from the library.
  7. He crossed a bridge built on a river.
  8. An orchestra is organized tonight near our hometown.
  9. She purchases rubber bands for her friends to give on friendship day.
  10. A diet of eggs and milk daily is good for a healthy body.
  11. His brother bought two cars from the showroom.
  12. Every spider has four pairs of legs.
  13. Put these bottles of Cold drink in a refrigerator.
  14. Two teachers are coming towards the classroom. 
  15. I always wanted to buy a car.
  16. We both ate all bananas placed in a fridge.
  17. He purchased a T-shirt for random use.
  18. She has around twenty chocolates in her pocket.
  19. Black Socks set are thrown out from the window.
  20. All players in a team gave their best in a tournament.

List of Countable Noun

  • Apple
  • Bag
  • Banna
  • Bed
  • Book
  • Bottle
  • Bottle
  • Burger
  • Carpet
  • Chair
  • Cherry
  • The clock
  • Cloths
  • Eggs
  • Fan
  • Glass
  • Keyboard
  • Mobile
  • Mouse
  • Olive
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Planet
  • River
  • Soap
  • Spoon
  • Tomato
  • Tree
  • Wood

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