Possessive Pronouns: Definition, Examples, and List

Possessive Pronouns

The possessive pronoun is a type of pronoun that originates from the personal pronoun type and indicates possession quality for any comparable relationships. Like possessive nouns, possessive pronouns are also functions of possessiveness, but it does not represent along with an apostrophe or s at the end of the sentence. It may take the place of possessive nouns.

Common Possessive Pronouns

  • Mine, ours, yours, his, hers, its, theirs, etc., are strong possessive pronouns.
  • My, your, his, her, its, our, your, their, etc. are some weak possessive pronouns (also called possessive adjectives)
possessive pronoun

The possessive pronouns are also used according to the place of the person depending on the form, such as singular form or plural form.

For example,

  • First-person: Singular: My, mine.

Plural: Our, ours.

  • Second-personYour, yours. (Singular or plural is not considered)
  • Third-person: Singular: His, hers, its.

Plural: Their, theirs, whose.

Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences

  1. This car is mine, not yours.
  2. That is my spectacles, not yours.
  3. The entire property is yours from now.
  4. We spent a lot of time with Daniel and his friend together.
  5. Improve your mistakes first, then talk about theirs.
  6. She has many lipsticks in her purse.
  7. Whose pencil had lost yesterday?
  8. This fish is so small for its aquarium.
  9. He promised to take the children on a tour of hers.
  10. The fox killed one of its species.
  11. Nobody enters my bedroom without asking permission.
  12. I like your drawing. Do you like mine?
  13. James and his brother are cops in America.
  14. The management has dropped their plans.
  15. Our project is not relative to yours.
  16. You picked up my cell phone instead of yours.
  17. The advertising points of your chart do not match with hers.
  18. It’s up to you. After all, the final decision is yours.
  19. This bag is not ours, it’s theirs.
  20. Your car has punctured, go and take hers.

Possessive Pronouns List

  1. Mine
  2. My
  3. Ours
  4. Our
  5. Yours
  6. Your
  7. His
  8. Hers
  9. Its
  10. Theirs
  11. Their
  12. Whose

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