Reciprocal Pronoun: Definition, Types, Examples, & List

Reciprocal Pronoun

The word reciprocal itself gives the meaning of reciprocity, and the reciprocal pronoun is a type of pronoun used to point to two or more people who are the subjects of the same verb in a sentence. This pronoun always performs as the verbs’ object, referring back to the two or more people acting as subjects.

The reciprocal pronoun is only used in a sentence when more than one subject performs the same function or action regarding a verb in a sentence. We cannot use these pronouns with subjects like I, you, he, she, and it, respectively. 

Types of Reciprocal Pronoun

  1. Each other, one another, etc., are only two reciprocal pronouns.

The reciprocal pronouns are also used possessive by applying apostrophe and s at the end.

  1. Each other’s, one another’s, respectively.

Examples of Reciprocal Pronouns in Sentences

  1. We give each other gifts in exchange.
  2. The entire class congratulated one another after the exams.
  3. The thieves are trying to help each other to rescue the cops.
  4. The boats are striking each other because of the tides.
  5. Both of them are throwing the pillows on one another while playing.
  6. Johnson and Juliet are supporting each other in their bad days.
  7. They have settled with each other
  8. The opponents are blaming one another for the culprit.
  9. We can’t see each other from the mirror.
  10. Andrew and Joseph are trying to help each other during pandemics.

List of Reciprocal Pronouns

  1. Each other
  2. One another.

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