20 Examples of Relative Pronoun in Sentences

The relative pronoun is a word used to relate two different clauses or sentences, and it refers to the nouns such as people, place, thing, animal, ideas.

Some common relative pronouns are ‘whose, who, whom, whoever, which, that, whomever, what, when, where’ respectively.

examples of relative pronoun

Examples of Relative Pronouns in Sentences

  1. The utensil that you are looking for is placed on the rooftop.
  2. He purchased a shining diamond which cost seven lakhs.
  3. Doesn’t she know the name of a person whose fault in this?
  4. The book, when he returned to the library, was torn out.
  5. The president, whoever the management decides, will introduce his agendas.
  6. Shyam forgot to mark questions that the lecturer assigned.
  7. The movie that I watched yesterday is a dubbed movie.
  8. He is the culprit person who is hiding a lot of our secrets.
  9. George Washington was the president of that powerful nation.
  10. The person whom we met yesterday was a merchant navy officer.
  11. She purchased a car which is parked outside the house.
  12. There was a popular slogan that we heard in our childhood.
  13. The day which we decided to go out is already a holiday.
  14. Mr. Robin, who owns a restaurant, is waiting outside.
  15. The team, whoever wins the game, will play for the country.
  16. He is waiting for you, where he met you for the first time.
  17. Matha had made a deal which is unacceptable for me.
  18. The food that she cooked yesterday was wasted.
  19. Do you remember when we came here for the shopping?
  20. The plan, whoever decides, is very well organized.