Interrogative Pronoun: Definition, Examples, Rules & Sentences


The interrogative pronoun is a pronoun that is used to ask a question or something or to interrogate. These pronoun words are also called pronominal interrogative, which starts with a wh-type word. Not all words begin from wh- are interrogative pronouns.


There are only five words that come under the interrogative pronoun. Whether they are used in question as to interrogate, they are called the interrogative pronoun respectively. 

It also stands for some random things that we do not know because we ask about it, and the thing is yet to know.

The five interrogative pronouns are 

Who, which, what, whom, and whose

Out of which two are only used to refer to people, Who and Whom, and others can be used to refer to anything like objects, places, or people, respectively. 

If the words whose, which, what is used directly just after the nouns, then it functions like interrogative adjectives, and if these words start the question, then it is called the interrogative pronoun.

interrogative pronoun

Examples of interrogative pronouns are in Sentences

  1. Who is she?
  2. What is her name?
  3. Which of the following statements is not right?
  4. Who will be the actor you select for this album song?
  5. Whose socks smell irritating?
  6. To whom does this property belong?
  7. Who brings my luggage from here?
  8. To whom is he talking?
  9. Whose homework is going to finish first?
  10. What is your next move?
  11. Adam gave the card to whom across the bridge?
  12. Who is going to complete this job?
  13. Which is your dish among these cuisines?
  14. Whom did you support last time?
  15. What do you like to eat for dinner?
  16. Who is your senior?
  17. Whose book is this?
  18. Who is going to design today’s theme?
  19. What are you doing in my classroom?
  20. Which car do you prefer me to purchase?

List of Interrogative pronoun:

There are only five interrogative pronouns.

  1. Who
  2. Which
  3. What
  4. Whose
  5. Whom