Relative Pronoun: Definition, Examples, Sentences, and List


A relative pronoun is a part of speech that shows the pronoun’s relation to a noun used in a clause of a sentence and tends to replace a noun.

A relative pronoun is a pronoun that includes an adjective clause, also called a relative clause.

A relative clause always begins with a relative pronoun to show the noun’s relativity to the person in a clause or a sentence. A relative pronoun can function as a possessive pronoun as it possesses the noun of a sentence, object, or subject, respectively. This pronoun is used as a singular or plural without specifying any difference between male and female. In a clause of a sentence, a relative pronoun plays the role of a noun.

Who, whom, which, that, whose, where, when, why, what, whoever, whomever, whichever, whosever, wherever, whenever, whatever, whatsoever, etc. are relative pronouns.

relative pronoun definition sentences list

Examples of relative pronouns are in Sentences

  1. A man who is standing near the bus stop is my uncle.
  2. The starter which we ate in the restaurant yesterday was so delicious.
  3. This is the place I talked about you on that day.
  4. A person called him for an interview to whom he mailed for a job.
  5. She is a girl whose puppy has been missing for the past few days.
  6. Return my money which I gave you yesterday evening. 
  7. I do not make friendship with those whose behavior is not good.
  8. I ran away from college when the recess bell rang.
  9. I agreed to play, no matter whoever wanted to play with me.
  10. An interviewer who is going to conduct an interview is absent.
  11. He started writing my novel from where I stopped writing.
  12. This furniture has been sold to that person.
  13. The first copy of this book was launched when I was 12.
  14. The monkey grabbed her banana when she held it to eat.
  15. I don’t have any idea about that incident.
  16. Whoever has drunk will not drive the vehicle.
  17. You have to perform on whichever is written on the chit. 
  18. He is the one whom I loved the most of all my students.
  19. A boy who is sitting on the stairs is the one you are looking for.
  20. I just passed from that signal where you are trying to cross it.
  21. I don’t know why he is not going abroad for higher studies

List of Relative pronouns:

  1. Who
  2. Whom
  3. Which
  4. That
  5. Whose
  6. Where
  7. When
  8. Why
  9. What
  10. Whoever
  11. Whosoever 
  12. Whomever
  13. Whomsoever 
  14. Whichever
  15. Whichsoever 
  16. Whosever
  17. Wherever
  18. Wheresoever 
  19. Whenever
  20. Whatever
  21. Whatsoever