Indefinite Pronoun: Definition, Examples, & List

Indefinite Pronoun Definition

An indefinite pronoun is a pronoun that connects random and non-specific beings, places, or any object.

Indefinite Pronoun

It does not represent any object, place, person, thing, or other specifications. The indefinite pronoun is used to count the entire noun without any specification; also, it contains all, both, each, every, few, neither, nobody, and none, etc.

It is applied to a person, thing in the usual way but not in a distinct manner, which is used to refer to some general, unspecified pronouns in a sentence.

Usually, the indefinite pronoun is used to introduce a huge amount of people, things, objects, places, or else without specifying a particular name of anything. It has various functions as a subject, object, or sometimes acts like a preposition too.

Some Common Indefinite Pronouns

All, any, anybody, anyone, another, each, several, nobody, many, more, few, everybody, everything, nothing, nobody, something, both, most, each, etc.

indefinite pronoun definition examples list

Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences

  1. If anybody is finding difficulty in solving problems, come to me.
  2. From my point of view, all are equal.
  3. I was unable to hear anything last night after the blast.
  4. Anybody can dance on the floor of dancing.
  5. You run from the other side.
  6. Someone, please help him.
  7. I heartily congratulate every player on this team.
  8. No one will help you in this situation.
  9. Everyone knows about that incident.
  10. Someone is absent from our crew.
  11. Nothing is left in front of me to tell you the truth.
  12. Only a few tickets are left to sell.
  13. Get both of you out of my classroom.
  14. Most of the students are participating in cultural events.
  15. Each of them purchased chocolate from my shop.
  16. Several people came to the stadium to see a match.
  17. Does anybody know how to turn off the computer?
  18. One could not see me behind bars.
  19. All the judges gave a standing ovation to my performance.
  20. No one will be absent from tomorrow in my class.

List of Indefinite Pronoun

  1. All
  2. Any
  3. Each
  4. Either
  5. Neither
  6. One 
  7. Other 
  8. Both
  9. Many
  10. Few
  11. Most
  12. Less
  13. Little
  14. Much 
  15. They
  16. Such
  17. None 
  18. Every
  19. Nobody
  20. Noone
  21. Nothing
  22. Some
  23. Enough
  24. Several
  25. Anybody
  26. Anyone
  27. Anything
  28. Another 
  29. Each one
  30. Everyone
  31. Everybody
  32. Everything
  33. Somebody
  34. Something
  35. Someone
  36. Somewhere

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