Health is Wealth Essay in English

Health is the precious gift of God. We can say that health is wealth or even more important than that. It is one of the biggest priorities of human beings. Without a healthy body and mindset, nobody can focus on anything in their life. The major component of the human body to function properly is the healthy body. Once, ‘The Dalai Lama was asked a question from someone about what surprised him most about humanity, he replied, “A man!” He then explained that a man could sacrifice his entire life and health to earn money, then he again spends that money to regain his health, and between this, he loses his entire life and is unable to live the present or even his future. The moral is that a human being prioritizes making money over his mental or physical health. Sometimes, people work more than enough to complete 24 hours or seven days a week.

It is necessary to balance work and health to balance the happiness of life. We all know that health is one of God’s most precious gifts to us, and we have to take care more than anything in this world. Without a healthy life, we can never peacefully enjoy our life. It is said that to understand the mental stability of the human being, we have to check the body’s physical balance. The basic law is to remain healthy, and we have to maintain the food that we eat the exercises that we do to make our body fit and healthy. We can see that healthy man is more confident, energetic, and sociable than normal, less healthy people. 

The World Health Organization declared on 7th April 1950 that World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April every year all over the world. A healthy life gives you more confidence in living. It helps in many things such as increases the efficiency of the heart and lungs, reduces the cholesterol level, increases muscle strength and stamina. It improves mental sharpness, boosts body energy and enhances sleep quality, makes your body healthy and fit, and enhances the body’s immunity power. To make our body healthy and fit, we have to do exercises, yoga, meditation and aerobics, and other body exercises that make your body fit. And to maintain it, we have to avoid eating unhealthy foods like junk foods, packet foods, oily meals.

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