10 Lines on My School Essay in English

Helo students, Are you looking for my school essay in English with 10 lines. Here we have covered my school essay 10 lines for class 2, 3, 4, 5.

Below, we have covered a short ten lines essay on my school, and it will help you remember your school days and other unforgettable and precious moments and loved ones.

My School

Everyone has a right to study in their life. We all have a right and need to study and become literate. Not only to become a graduate but also to understand the difference between right and wrong. 

my school essay 10 lines

It seems torture in childhood when our parents send us to school, but later we realize that this is all for our good deeds and well behaved and also after the completion of school, we not only come out taking education, but also many unforgettable memories, friendships relations, unbreakable bonds and respect for teachers and many more.

My School Essay 10 lines

  1. My school is located near my house.
  2. This is one of the best schools in my city.
  3. The name of my school is St. Brahmanand Hindu Convent School.
  4. I started going to school with my elder siblings in my childhood.
  5. I always like to go to school early in the morning.
  6. My mother always prepares me to go to school.
  7. My school pays a lot of attention to both studies and sports.
  8. The campus of my school is very clean.
  9. The playground at my school is huge, and we play a lot of sports there.
  10. The teaching staff of my school are very kind and experienced in teaching.

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