My Aim in Life Essay in English

An aimless person is like a living dead body. Every single person in this world must have their aim in life. Having an aim is the purpose of life. The aim is a desire of any person to become in the future when they become an adult or capable of achieving it. Aim helps us to achieve our existence, our purpose of life that we have decided. Setting an appropriate aim is also a very important part of life. Whatever we think and want to be in our future, we have to be aware of the consequences, benefits, and ways to achieve it. It is like a goal that we set in our life to become in the future. To achieve the goals, we have decided to achieve them in life and become successful, for making this happen real, we must have to go through numerous challenges, and a lot of obstacles can come in our path to break the confidence level and forces us to quit the targeted aim, dream in between and go back or change the aim like quitters. 

An aimless person is like a random path without any particular destination. The purpose in life of a person gives him a reason to live with joy and happiness and make an example for others to live life in the best way like a goal achiever. We all have set our different aims in life to become after a few years, some of us choose our goals by our own creation of minds, some choose their goal influenced by the family member or person whom we like and want to become like them. 

I also set a perfect goal that I have decided to achieve in the future. My aim in life is to become a teacher and inspire students and other people to become good people. Before making this my aim, I asked myself many questions, like why I wanted to become a teacher instead of a doctor, engineer, actor, athlete, wrestler, boxer, scientist, pilot, astronaut, etc. Then I realized all persons become something in their lives only because of a correct mentor, guide, or teacher. A teacher educates people about everything in life, whether for educational purposes or other things. Nobody grows longer in life without a teacher, whether a teacher is from school, parents, or any random person from which we get inspiration. A teacher has the potential to change the desired needs of the world and the ability to improve them. 

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