My Favourite Game Essay

Everyone has a special skill in playing several games, and we all grew up by playing various games and studying in the school time. My sports teacher and father always told me that study and sports are two legs of a growing stage where study makes your educational life better, and sports make your physical life better. My father is also a National level Rugby player of his time. I am studying in the 12th class in my school. I have a big ground near my home, and my school also has a large playground. My friends and I regularly play Cricket in the school playground in the off lectures and the home playground after school time. My favorite game is also Cricket. So whenever my friends ask me to play Cricket, I never refuse to play, even at the time of the exams. 

I play Cricket very politely, and I know to play aggressive as well as defensive Cricket according to the situation. It is a game played between two teams, and each team contains eleven players in all formats. The match was played with different overs as per the discussions. The 50 overs, 20 overs, and test format play is played in the International cricket games. In our locality, we mostly play Cricket for 10 overs. There are 6 balls to be bowled in a single over. I am an allrounder and the youngest player on my team. My friend and I used to open the match, and our partnership lasted longer, and we made many records of our collaboration in many tournament matches. 

Our committee frequently organizes the cricket tournaments in our home ground, which we named as a little Wankhede stadium. We play with all the international rules and regulations in our matches. My team players always compliment my batting and bowling skills and always appreciate me for keeping the play and improving more in my game. My father also loves watching me playing Cricket in our playground. My father always encourages me because of my play. He supports me to continue my Cricket and promises me to get admissions to the cricket academy after high school and told me to continue my graduation and cricket practice in my Grand mother’s place, Hyderabad. I am very happy for his deep belief in me and promise to myself that I’ll give my 100 % in the game, and one day, I will make my father proud of me and his decision.

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