My Father Essay in English for Students

As we all see, most of the time, people usually talk about the Mother’s love, responsibilities, caring, politeness, affection, and love toward her children. By this, the father’s love often gets hidden or ignored. Father’s love is a special kind of love that could not even be shown to others, but it is one of the purest forms of love in the entire world. For a child, their parents are the most precious gift from god. But, having a father in life is one of the biggest strengths of their life, which always supports them till life and even after their life. A child came into this world because of a mother, but that child gets an identity in society because of a father. 

As we all believe that our father is different and special in this world and I also believe that my father is an extraordinary person to me because of his personality, his presence of mindset, and his knowledge and discipline. My father is a well-known person and a very successful businessman. Also, he is a very skillful car rider. He is the one who taught me in life to always work on our discipline no matter the work we are doing. He always tries to love us as all fathers do and also shows some strictness to us when needed.

My father is like a superhero to me, and one of the best things about my father is he never fails to put his responsibility to make our home the safest place in the world. He spends his quality time with us when free from work and takes us for picnics, adventures, etc. My father cares about me more than anyone but never shows up in public or even makes me realize it. He used to fulfill all my needs and desires before I asked for them and also sometimes shouted at me to make me understand what is good for me and what is not! 

My father is my strongest source of inspiration. I always wanted to become like my father in my life. He is a very caring, responsible, honest, punctual, and kind-hearted human being. I love him so much. I also wanted to become a good car rider in the future like my father, and one day I will make him proud of me. 

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