Irregular Adjectives, Comparative, Superlative, and Examples

Irregular Adjectives

Irregular adjectives are the adjectives that make comparative and superlative forms of the adjective words. Irregular adjectives use completely different forms.

The regular adjective words are easy to make comparative and superlative degrees by adding -er/-est or more/most at the end of the word.

Irregular Adjectives

List of Irregular Adjectives with Examples

Sr no.AdjectiveComparativeSuperlativeExample sentence
1.GoodBetterBest1. She is good at athletics.
2. Their performance is better than ours.
3. This is the best college in our city.
2.OldElder/OlderEldest/Oldest1. This is the old model we have.
2. My sister is elder than me.
3. My father is the eldest person in my family.
3.FarFartherThe Farthest1. Her house is far from here.
2. I don’t need any further requirements.
3. Pluto is the farthest planet in our Solar System.
4.BadWorseWorst1. Bad behavior puts your impression down in front of others.
2. Her drawing is worse than mine.
3. You are the worst person I ever met in my life.
5.WellBetterBest1. She performed well in the program.
2. Your handwriting is better than my younger brother.
3. I think this one is the best option.  
6.LittleLessLeast1. My father is a little busy with his work.
2. I eat less than you.
3. This is the last option but not the least.
7.ManyMoreMost1. Many fans are waiting outside for an autograph.
2. They are more clever than these.
3. Most of them failed to identify me.
8.LateLatter/LaterLast/Latest1. Don’t be so late tomorrow.
2. She took the latter bus and came to a stop.
3. This is your last chance to get qualified yourself.

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