Quantitative Adjective: Definition, Examples, & List

Quantitative Adjectives

A Quantitative adjective is a beneficial word for conveying the details and information about the object of a sentence in various categories. We can also mention the quantitative adjectives used to indicate the number or quantity of any object. Sometimes a numeral adjective is also called a quantitative adjective though it specifies the numbers.

The quantitative type of adjective applies to the question statement classification like “how much or how many”. This adjective is often used to indicate the quantity or amount of substance, living belongs, or non-living beings that are mentioned in a sentence referred to as the noun or a pronoun, respectively. It doesn’t matter whether the measurement of the substance is exact or not, respectively.

  • Little, more, much, few, small, tall, thirty, fifty, etc., are some examples of quantitative adjectives.
quantitative adjective

Examples of Quantitative Adjectives:

  1. We have got a little money after winning the tournament.
  2. I have got a little puppy from the street.
  3. I’m inviting our Chief Guest to say a few words.
  4. Neither of them performs well in a solo dance on the stage.
  5. Each of them has to submit their detailed information for security purposes.
  6. Neither of them has submitted their original documents to the office.
  7. Not all deserve a second chance.
  8. I won’t get any coordinates to proceed further.
  9. I have got a few pencils to start writing an essay.
  10. We have some idea of how to start this old vehicle.
  11. It requires around 25 chairs in the conference hall.
  12. You need to read several books for preparation.
  13. My best friend bought some pizzas and came to my house.
  14. There were so many doctors trying their level best to save that baby girl.
  15. Angie eats a few oranges from the dining table.
  16. Some of them are not good for health.
  17. You forget again to bring that one dress from the shop.
  18. He is trying to hold the pencil for the first time.
  19. Two boys jumped from the bridge tying their legs with a rope.
  20. A human skeleton of an adult contains 206 bones.

List of Quantitative Adjectives

  • A little
  • A little bit
  • A lot
  • Abundant
  • All
  • Any
  • Couple
  • Double
  • Each
  • Either
  • Empty
  • Enough
  • Enough of
  • Every
  • Few
  • Full
  • Great
  • Half
  • Heavily
  • Heavy
  • Huge
  • Hundred
  • Hundreds
  • Insufficient
  • Light
  • Little
  • Lots of
  • Many
  • Most
  • Much
  • Neither 
  • No
  • Numerous
  • Plenty of
  • Several
  • Significant
  • Single
  • So few
  • Some
  • Sparse
  • Substantial
  • Sufficient
  • Too
  • Whole

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