20 Examples of Negation in Sentences

The word ‘Negation’ means expressing the negativity in the sentence that refers to negative words, phrases, or clauses. 

We can either make a sentence negative by using the negative words like not, no, never, neither, nor, or we can use the opposite words of the meaningful word that we want to make negative.

examples of negation

Examples of Negation in Sentences

  1. Robin is not present.
  2. He has no money to purchase food.
  3. She will never accept my proposal.
  4. I do not allow youth to go there alone.
  5. None of them watched that movie.
  6. Nobody will talk during the program.
  7. Jennifer is not so sure about his behavior.
  8. We failed in qualifying in the tournaments.
  9. She didn’t like the color red since childhood.
  10. Charles has not invited us to his family function.
  11. Neither a single boy nor any girl agrees to go for a ride.
  12. Jack is not taking care of his younger brother.
  13. Her Mother is bad at making delicious cookies.
  14. She will not have passed the interview.
  15. The neighborhood nation always refused the proposal of peace.
  16. I will never ever dare to cross the road alone.
  17. She agreed that she was not present at that moment.
  18. Andrew will not throw a party tonight.
  19. They will not be allowed to travel in the business class.
  20. He never charged his phone with this charger.