20 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives

What are Descriptive Adjectives?

A descriptive adjective is a kind of adjective that describes a specialty, quality or says something about the noun or a pronoun.

descriptive adjective examples

Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences

  1. Her brother has a charming face.
  2. Our hostel warden behaves like a cruel person.
  3. John is a fantastic basketball player.
  4. Sometimes he talks like a genuine person.
  5. My neighbor is a nice guy.
  6. The foxes are very clever wild animals.
  7. I have a beautiful niece.
  8. Thomas was one of the most hard-working employees who worked with us.
  9. The cameraman has a very sharp mind.
  10. Sir Adam has awesome communication skills.
  11. They bought a luxurious sportscar.
  12. He gifted a precious diamond ring to her wife.
  13. She wore costly golden earrings.
  14. That couple has an adorable baby.
  15. That restaurant offers many delicious foods.
  16. A teacher takes a surprise test on students after a holiday.
  17. My boss’s wife has such magical eyes.
  18. Virat Kohli plays such a perfect-timing shot.
  19. John Cena has a beast physique.
  20. My dad likes to ride an old and enormous Ambassador car.

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