Distributive Adjectives: Definition, Examples, & List

Distributive Adjectives

A distributive adjective is an adjective that is generally used to distribute a particular group as an individual and is used with a singular noun, respectively.  

Distributive Adjectives are generally used to point to a particular group or individual and are used with singular nouns. It is used to modify nouns. It is normally used with singular nouns. It refers to every person else in a group separately. Such nouns or pronouns always follow these adjectives. 

It contains E-type adjectives that are accompanied by nouns or pronouns in a sentence.

  • Each, every, neither, and either are some distributive adjectives.
distributive adjectives

Examples of the distributive adjective:

  1. Write down the answers for each of the following questions.
  2. Each of them is a professionally trained performer.
  3. Tell me every single detail regarding this case.
  4. Either you believe me or leave me in this situation.
  5. There are two washing machines, but neither in working condition.
  6. I will be happy with either decision. 
  7. Every wagon of this train filled with commercial goods
  8. Both situations are very terrible for us.
  9. Each of the following devices is ready to work.
  10. He cleans his bike every day.
  11. Neither of us agreed to perform on the stage.
  12. Any one of them can enter our courtyard.
  13. I don’t need anyone’s opinion.
  14. Everyone has a Plan B.
  15. The monkey divides the piece of bread and gives them to each cat. 
  16. Neither a single person was present at the location.
  17. If you find any difficulty, please contact the Branch Head immediately.
  18. Each student has not completed the homework
  19. Finally, the visas of every person have been approved.
  20. Neither you nor your friends came to meet me at the airport.

List of distributive adjectives:

  • Each
  • Every
  • Either
  • Neither
  • One
  • None
  • Both
  • Any

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