Comparative Adjectives: Definition, Examples, & List

Comparative adjectives are those adjectives that compare the difference between the characteristic of two different nouns in a sentence. It can differentiate the qualities, measurements, or features such as height, weight, light, darkness, depth, distance, length, etc. 

comparative adjective

Comparative Adjectives

Comparative adjectives are also used to compare some other words that contain some non-physical characteristics.

It compares the traits of two different nouns side by side, and also it describes the nouns themselves. They mostly have the suffix “-er” respectively.

The general formula of making a sentence when a comparative adjective is used:

Subject (noun) + Verb + Comparative adjective + than + direct object (other nouns).

Examples of Comparative adjectives

  1. She is feeling hungrier than her.
  2. That box is more generous than the previous one.
  3. This developer is cleverer than that.
  4. We have better options than yours.
  5. This book is thicker than my book.
  6. My bike has more potential power than yours.
  7. Emily was funnier than her younger sister.
  8. Paris city is more polite than New York City.
  9. His father is richer than his uncle.
  10. This mountain is higher than that mountain.
  11. Payne is wiser than Codie.
  12. Undertaker is angrier than Brock Lesner.
  13. They own cheaper cars than us. 
  14. The visuals from his DSLR camera are clearer than that of the SLR camera.
  15. Their goals are faster than our team.
  16. She is more intelligent than her elder sister.
  17. Today she looks happier than other days.
  18. Your handwriting is better than mine.
  19. This swimming pool is deeper than that one.
  20. Elephants are fatter animals than hippopotamuses.

List of Comparative Adjectives

  • slower
  • faster
  • cheaper
  • clearer
  • louder
  • newer
  • richer
  • shorter
  • thicker
  • older
  • taller
  • larger
  • wider
  • wiser
  • nicer
  • bigger than
  • fatter than
  • fitter than
  • more polite than
  • more helpful than
  • more useful than
  • more obscure than
  • hungrier than
  • happier than
  • prettier than
  • heavier than
  • angrier than
  • dirtier than
  • funnier than
  • narrower than
  • shallower than
  • humbler than
  • gentler than
  • cleverer than
  • more interesting than
  • more comfortable than
  • more beautiful than
  • more difficult than
  • more dangerous than
  • more expensive than
  • more popular than
  • more complicated than
  • more confident than
  • better than
  • worse than
  • farther than
  • less than
  • more than
  • less stupid than
  • more attractive than
  • braver than
  • easier than
  • more famous than
  • kinder than
  • more modern than
  • sadder than
  • sillier than
  • sweeter than
  • wetter than
  • more wonderful than
  • younger than
  • smaller than
  • longer than
  • stronger than
  • weaker than
  • faster than
  • slower than
  • taller than
  • friendlier than
  • busier than
  • lazier than
  • more intelligent than
  • nicer than
  • closer than
  • stranger than
  • hotter than

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