Demonstrative Adjectives: Definition, Examples & List

Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives modify nouns. It is used to demonstrate or explain particular things, people, animals, ideas, etc. It also indicates the position of the noun in a sentence and comes before other adjectives to modify the phrase or clause in a sentence, respectively. 

The demonstrative adjectives come before the nouns to represent them in any particular sentence.

  • The Demonstrative adjectives are this, that, these, and those are used in a sentence to describe the nouns or pronouns.

Here, this and these are used to assign closely appeared singular and plural nouns

And, that and those used to assign singular and plural nouns appeared far.

demonstrative adjectives

Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives

  1. This bench is made of mild steel metal.
  2. That building looks so big and beautiful.
  3. Assuming this problem, the main threat is the owner of the place.
  4. These kinds of situations occur daily in metro cities.
  5. Few of those are not drinking the champagne.
  6. That car might be a Mercedes E-class.
  7. Those birds are going back to their nests.
  8. These all are my business partners.
  9. Someone collected those garbage and cleans the roads of the city.
  10. This property belongs under Government Authorization.
  11. Submit all assignments by the end of this week.
  12. You are not supposed to hold this position as it is not for the lower caste people.
  13. This chair is broken during the fight.
  14. If he returned that cap to me, then I will forgive him.
  15. These animals are eating meat and waste leafy vegetables.
  16. You made this concept very easily.
  17. Those are my friends.
  18. They were found guilty in the robbery case and imprisoned.
  19. This is the best option you have.
  20. Sit properly, this is not your home.

List of Demonstrative Adjectives

  • This
  • That
  • These
  • Those
  • It
  • Here
  • There
  • Over there

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