Superlative Adjective: Definition, Examples & List

A superlative adjective is a type of adjective that is used to express the highest degree of comparison. And it is used when there is a comparison of more than two people, or thing, or a group.

superlative adjective

Superlative Adjective

Superlative adjectives refer to any particular thing to the highest degree or the lowest degree compared with the other members of a noun’s group, respectively. 

Mostly, the superlative adjective ends with a suffix “-est”, and it begins with an article “the”.

Examples of Superlative Adjectives

  1. This is one of the most beautiful places in our city.
  2. He is the angriest person on our campus.
  3. The Louvre museum is the largest museum in the world.
  4. It was the easiest step to solve the following numerical.
  5. This book contains the most frustrating chapters.
  6. He recorded his name in the Guinness book of world records of having the longest beard of a person.
  7. James is the most handsome person in the entire class.
  8. Bandi has the biggest backpack among her friends.
  9. Bugatti Chiron is the fastest sports car in the world.
  10. Kapil became the funniest stand-up comedian among all in the contest.
  11. Chimpanzees are the most intelligent animal among all animals and apes.
  12. The Blue Whale is the largest mammal in the world.
  13. The bikes of Harley Davidson company are the costliest bikes in the world.
  14. Lionel Messi is the fastest goalscorer in the match.
  15. Michael Stark was the fastest bowler in the ICC Cricket World Cup, in 2015
  16. The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean among all the other oceans.
  17. Their performance is considered as the best performance.
  18. Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.
  19. This problem is considered the most difficult problem of all.
  20. Sarah is the youngest basketball player to win the gold in the Olympics.

List of Superlative Adjectives

  • best
  • cleverest
  • farthest
  • straighter
  • the angriest
  • the biggest
  • the bravest
  • the busiest
  • the cheapest
  • the easiest
  • the farther
  • the fattest
  • the friendliest
  • the funniest
  • the happiest
  • the heaviest
  • the kindest
  • the least
  • the longest
  • the most
  • the most attractive
  • the most beautiful
  • the most complex
  • the most dangerous
  • the most difficult
  • the most famous
  • the most frustrating
  • the most handsome
  • the most intelligent
  • the most interesting
  • the most modern
  • the most powerful
  • the most understanding
  • the most useful
  • the most wonderful
  • the newest
  • the nicest
  • the oldest
  • the prettiest
  • the saddest
  • the shortest
  • the silliest
  • the smallest
  • the smelliest
  • the strongest
  • the sweetest
  • the tallest
  • the ugliest
  • the weakest
  • the wettest
  • the worst
  • the youngest
  • worst

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