Interrogative Adjectives: Definition, Examples & List

Interrogative Adjective

An interrogative adjective is a word of wh-type question which is used to interrogate anything in a sentence. It is a word that transforms a noun simply by asking a question. They are also called Interrogative determiners as it is used to determine a sentence to ask a question or interrogate.

interrogative adjectives

The sentences where interrogative adjectives are used to get converted into interrogative sentences respectively.

For example,

  • Where, what, which, whose, how, and why are the interrogative adjectives used with nouns or noun sentences in a sentence and modifies to ask a question.

Note: If there is an absence of a noun or a pronoun in a sentence after an interrogative adjective, then that interrogative word is not considered the interrogative adjective.

Examples of Interrogative Adjectives

  1. Which bag is yours?
  2. What movie are you watching in the theatre?
  3. What is James looking for?
  4. How could he do this to me?
  5. Whose book is this?
  6. Where have they gone so early?
  7. What kind of story do you have for the act?
  8. What location is chosen for the shoot?
  9. Which lecturer is going to conduct after me?
  10. What sort of cookies should we bake?
  11. When he chokes a smurf, what color does it turn?
  12. Will you please tell me which place is good for a family picnic?
  13. What nonsense is this?
  14. Whose pen is this? I’ve found it next to the door.
  15. They are asking some questions like what program are you planning for the next month?
  16. How long will the scene be shooted in the movie?
  17. Which fruit tree is older?
  18. Whose car is going for the tour?
  19. Someone asked me where have they been.
  20. What disease did cured James actually have?

List of Interrogative Adjectives

  • What
  • Whose
  • Where
  • Why
  • How
  • Which

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