Different Types of Vehicles with Name and Pictures

Vehicles perform a vital role in this busy society for various important things, for health and emergencies, and so many purposes like transportation of things, materials, people and so many things which is hard to transport through manpower.

It is also used for commuting from one place to another and protects privacy. Some people also consider vehicles as for their social status. It reduces the rush in public transportations or time-saver rather being stuck in the traffic and become late to reach the destinations.

Types of vehicles

The types of vehicles are classified depends on their uses and purpose of manufacturing like transportation vehicles, Emergency based vehicles, Goods carrying vehicles like wagons, trucks, luxury vehicles for personal uses like cars and bikes, vehicles made for machinery work purposes like Cranes and Porks, sports vehicles like F1 cars, motorcycles and motorbikes, offroad vehicles for mountain purposes, and also modified cargo based motor craft vehicles which are used to fly in the air like aircraft, spacecraft and to run in water also like watercraft.

types of vehicles

List of vehicles

  1. Bullock cart
  2. Carriage
  3. Van
  4. Car
  5. Jeep
  6. Motorbike
  7. Motorcycle
  8. Offroad bike
  9. Scooter
  10. Taxi
  11. Bus
  12. Ambulance
  13. Caravan
  14. Coach
  15. Bicycle
  16. Tricycle
  17. Pedicab
  18. Double-decker bus
  19. Convertible car
  20. Police car
  21. Formula car
  22. Pick-up truck
  23. Limousine
  24. Auto rickshaw
  25. Quad
  26. Fire Engine
  27. Cranes
  28. Forklift
  29. Manlift
  30. Tractor
  31. Trucks
  32. Dumper truck
  33. Blackhole ladder
  34. Bull Dozer
  35. Excavator
  36. Road roller
  37. Cement mixer
  38. Train
  39. Wagon Vehicle
  40. Boat
  41. Cruiser
  42. Shipraft
  43. Hovercraft
  44. Tram
  45. Hot air Baloon
  46. Aircraft
  47. Jetplane
  48. Spacecraft
  49. Helicopter
  50. Rope-tram vehicle
  51. Locomotive
  52. Subway
  53. Glider
  54. Submarine Ship

Details of Vehicles

  1. Bullock cart:

Bullock carts are ancient transport vehicles pulled with Bullocks used to take heavy loaded things from one place to another.

  1. Carriage:

Carriage is a cart made up of wood and pulled with Horses in ancient times used in Royal family trips.

  1. Van:

Van is a type of road vehicle used for transport goods and people depending on its size.

  1. Car:

Car is a vehicle used for personal use and considered as a luxurious status.

  1. Motorbike:

Motorbikes are two-wheeled bicycles with motors and used for riding and other needed works.

  1. Offroad bike:

Offroad bikes are used in riding bikes in valleys, mountains, and some dirty and rocky roads.

  1. Taxi:

Taxi is a type of car used as a mode of transportation of people to different places.

  1. Bus:

The bus is a large transport vehicle used to take more people at a time from one place to another.

  1. Ambulance:

An Ambulance is a medical van mostly used for emergency services.

  1. Bicycle:

Bicycles are eco-friendly vehicles that have two wheels and runs through pedals.

  1. Tricycle:

Tricycles are for kids which has three wheels and also ecofriendly vehicle.

  1. Pedicab:

A pedicab is a three-wheeled cab used as a public transport vehicle that is pulled by the driver with pedals. It is also called a human rickshaw.

  1. Double-decker bus:

A Double-decker bus is a bus that has a double-deck above a normal bus. It is made to transport more people in a single run.

  1. Convertible car:

These cars have the function of the slide and open roof portion and make a car an open sitting car.

  1. Formula car:

Formula car is also called as F1 cars because the only person (driver) can sit and are made very flat with minimum ground clearance used only for racing purposes.

  1. Limousine:

Limousine is a long luxurious car with the best-inbuilt features that are only made on special requirements for special and royal persons.

  1. Auto rickshaw:

Auto Rickshaws are three-wheeled motor vehicles used as cab or taxi services. There are no doors in this vehicle.

  1. Fire Engine:

Fire Engines are emergency fire extinguishing vehicle which has water tankers and pressure pumps to spray water and also contains a slide folded ladder on the top.

  1. Cranes:

Cranes are used for lifting heavy materials, equipment from the ground to high places lifted using crane ropes in construction places or to lift heavy roadside accidental vehicles.

  1. Forklift:

Forklifts are vehicles with two sliding forks in front used for lifting logistic materials and other goods to load or unload to different places.

  1. Manlift:

Manlift is a vehicle that has folded large arms used to lift people to high places for observation, an inspection of things, or cleaning heightened things, buildings, large poles, etc.

  1. Tractor:

Tractors are heavily loaded vehicles mostly used for agricultural purposes having no compressing shock-ups. All four wheels are visible to the driver.

  1. Dumper truck: 

Trucks that are used for dumping purposes are called dumping trucks.

  1. Excavator:

Excavators are used to excavating the soil, digging in the construction area. 

  1. Road roller:

Road rollers are heavy vehicles mainly used to roll the newly made roads to flatten the road surface.

  1. Cement mixer:

A cement mixer is an advanced machinery vehicle used for making a mixture of cement for construction purposes makes work easier and faster.

  1. Train:

Trains are the vehicles that run on the tracks whose wheels are called bogies made up of heavy iron. It is mainly used for transportation purposes.

  1. Boat:

Boats are wooden-type structures so designed to float on the surface of the water and used to transport people in small water bodies.

  1. Ship:

Ships are made from metals and so designed that they can easily float on water and travel from one location to another with the help of propeller-type motor engines. Used for commercial purposes.

  1. Hot-air balloon:

Hot air balloons are used for transportation which flies on injecting hot air in a large balloon.

  1. Airplane:

Airplanes are flying crafts that are used for transport purposes in air medium. These are the best inventions made by Humans.

  1. Spacecraft:

Spacecrafts are so advanced vehicles that are built to travel in space in the aeronautical fields to study Space.

  1. Rope-tram vehicle:

The rope tram is a vehicle that is used to run on ropes above the ground level so connected with the help of poles or towers. Especially used in mountain areas or hill stations.

  1. Subway:

Subways are like metro trains used as underground transportation in metro cities to avoid the disturbances of the city.

  1. Submarine Ship:

The Submarines are the advanced underground ships that were run by navy officers, operates for defence work of the nation which sinks at the depth of oceans, seas and protects from other water enemies.