Tools Name: Complete List of Tools and Equipment

Tools are the basic things for doing mechanical or other machinery works where it is subcategorized into, Power tools and Hand tools, respectively. 

Power tools are operated or function with machines by a power source like electricity, battery, or gas (Hydraulic) where human effort is not required. 

Hand tools require a workforce to perform functions, and it is purely operated by mechanical efforts rather than other power sources. 

Types of Tools

Here is the list of tools that can be used in day-to-day life to perform any functions. It includes all the basic tools as well as advanced tools and their information.

tools and equipment

List of Tools

  1. Hammer
  2. Claw hammer
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Mallet
  5. Drill
  6. Electric Drill
  7. Scissor
  8. Ax
  9. Saw
  10. Hack saw
  11. Allen key
  12. PVC Insulation tape
  13. Teflon tape
  14. Spanner
  15. Tape measure
  16. Pliers
  17. Chisel
  18. Soldering iron
  19. Nail
  20. Wrench
  21. Nut
  22. Bolt
  23. Screw
  24. Corkscrew
  25. Spade
  26. Shovel
  27. Toolbox
  28. Anvil
  29. Scraper
  30. Wire stripper
  31. Plane
  32. Circular saw
  33. Bradawl
  34. Clamp
  35. Belt
  36. Vice
  37. Stepladder
  38. Edge tool
  39. File
  40. Flange
  41. Fork
  42. Jumper
  43. Beetle
  44. Bit
  45. Borer
  46. Broach
  47. Board
  48. Centre punch
  49. Chase
  50. Diamond point
  51. Dresser
  52. Sander
  53. Spade
  54. Hatchet
  55. Pocket knife
  56. Brace
  57. Tester
  58. Spirit level
  59. Plunger
  60. Lug nuts

Tools Name with Discription


A hammer is a tool consisting of hard, heavy metal, mainly of steelhead fixed with a handle of wood or any metal pipe. It is used for blacksmithing work or hammering nails, etc.

Claw hammer

A hammer with one side is headed strong, and the other side is split, slightly curved, and designed to drive nails into or take out nails from any hard surface. This hammer is so designed for woodworking purposes, but it can be used for other purposes too.


A screwdriver is used for screwing and unscrewing any screw from its tip point, which has a holding point on the other side to apply power.


Mallet is a tool that looks like a hammer, but it contains a head made from wood, copper, lead, leather instead of hard metal, used for driving chisels, beating sheet metal, hammering the winding of an enameled copper coils.


A drill is a mechanical tool used to make holes in a rough surface like wall, concrete, etc.


Scissor is made from two identical metal parts designed with a sharp edge and are fixed with rivets or nut-bolts used for cutting clothes, papers, etc.


An ax is a hand tool with a sharp cutting edge on one side, and another side head is forged, used for felling or cutting trees, woods into pieces.


The saw is a wooden and metal cutting tool made by a blade having teeth along one side. Carpenters and welders mostly use it.

Allen key

An Allen key is an L-shaped tool used to turn Allen screws whose head is of hexagonal cross-section, having different numbers according to the size of the screw heads.


A spanner is a steel hand tool with a handle used for tightening or loosening the nuts and bolts with a specific shape.

Tape measure

A tape measure is a measuring tool used for measuring purposes that contains a metal strip printed a measure on it.

PVC Insulation tape

A PVC-type insulation tape is an inflammable electrical tool used to bind the open electrical joints made on a live electrical wire to avoid electrical shocks or accidents.

Teflon tape

A Teflon tape is a flexible plumber’s tape mainly used for sealing the threads of water pipes along joints. 


Plier is a gripping tool with two hinged arms to behold by the jaws and is working to and fro motion.


A chisel is a hand tool consists of a thin, flat metal blade fixed with a wooden handle used for cutting wood and is mostly used by carpenters to do their work. 

Soldering iron

A soldering iron is an electronic tool that contains an electric coil that heats the pointed copper rod used for soldering purposes.


A nail is made by cutting a galvanized iron rod into pieces, and its tip is pointed, and another end is used as a head beaten by a hammer to drive in any hard surface.


A wrench is a thick, mechanical tool specially used as a spanner with adjustable jaws.


A nut is a round, hollow hexagonal metal piece having threads inside the hollow space and is used for screwing it on the bolts to tighten something.


A bolt is a metal piece having threads on its outer surface and a head-like metal designed like a hexagonal structure used for tightening any metal structure, etc.


A screw is a nail-like thin metal rod having threads on its surface and a pointed tip. It is tightened by the screwdriver to tighten something.


A corkscrew is a tool used to make holes on wooden surfaces where a long bit has a shaped structure, and a wooden cork is used as a handle to make a hole.


A spade consists of a flat rectangular metal sheet attached with a long wooden handle used for digging and other agricultural purposes.


A shovel is a thick flat metal plate with a sharp tip at one side used for digging purposes.


A toolbox is a metal box designed to carry many tools in it safely.


Anvil is a thick metal tool used mainly by the cobbler and blacksmith for their work purposes.


A scraper is a single-edged tool that looks like a chisel used to scrape metal from a surface.


Bradawl is a woodworking hand tool that looks like a screwdriver with a wooden handle having a sharp blade-like tip.


A clamping tool is a fastening device used to hold tightly, such as a hack-saw blade that stops the movement by applying inward pressure.


A hand tool is called clippers made with two sharp cutting blades used for clipping fingernails, etc.


The belt tool is a wonderful invention used for holding several tools fixed on it and tied on the waist, reducing the effort of holding extra tools while working.


Vice is a tool used for holding any substance tightly and is attached to a solid surface. 


A stepladder is a portable ladder used for working any work at specific heights.

Edge tool

An edge tool is a hardworking cutting tool with sharp edges.


A hand tool made up of steel blade with all rough surfaces by cutting teeth used for shaping or smoothing metal substance or any wood.


A flange is a tool for forming a flange used for various mechanical applications.


A fork is an agricultural tool with one handle and some metal prongs and is also used for lifting, digging purposes, etc.


A jumper is a boring tool made with a steel bit fixed in a hammer drill for drilling or boring rock. 


A beetle is a heavy tool operated with a hand made of wood used for beating purposes.


A bit is a tool used for cutting or making a hole having the head in braces via the drilling process. 


Borer is a tool used for handling tools that is a machine or hand tool for boring holes.


A broach is a long-tapered tool used for shaping and even enlarging holes in wood by a carpenter.


A board is a woodturning tool used to give shape to the inside and bottoms of cylinders.

Center Punch

A center punch is a small steel-tipped tool with a conical tip used to punch the wall by hammering on it.


A dresser is a thin, strong metal tool used for dressing stone or other metals, materials.


A sander is an abrasive disc with a rough surface used to smooth the metal surface, wood, plastic, etc., by a power-driven tool.


A hatchet is a tool used to strike single-handed, having one side sharp blade used to cut wood or else, and the other side is a hammerhead like an ax.

Pocket knife

A pocket knife is a set of different knives that are used accordingly with a necessity of work.


A tester is an electrical device used to test the presence of phase on a live wire and, in certain cases, used as a mini-screwdriver.

Spirit level

A spirit level tool is used for leveling the horizontal surface, which contains spirit bubble level, which indicates the straightness of the surface.


A plunger is a force cup-like tool used to clear the blockages in the drainage or pipes. It consists of a rubber suction cup attached with a wooden or plastic stick.

Lug nuts

The Lugnut tool is a set of lug wrenches sockets with different sizes for twisting nut-bolts of different machines.

Wire stripper

Wire strippers are designed like a plier. Only the difference is that it is used for wire stripping purposes.


A plane is a tool for shaping wood. Planes are used to making a wooden surface flat. 

Circular saw

A circular saw is a power saw tool blade designed in a circular pattern that cuts any wooden block by rotating in a circular motion.