50+ Gardening Tools Names with Pictures

Are you looking for the best gardening tools name with pictures? Here, we are covering all the essential gardening tools in a list of Gardening Tools Names that helps us understand the names and purposes of the different tools used in the garden and help us improve the vocabulary of random tools.

Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are the essential tools that are used for gardening purposes, like spades, large scissors, land scraper, florists, etc. Gardening is an excellent way to spend time with nature as we can also say this time is quality time. 

gardening tools name

These tools are used to perform the gardening jobs with ease and conveniently without any extra efforts like digging, planting, transplanting, cleaning the garden from waste and dry leaves, and watering the plants. 

The purpose of gardening tools is to make small and effective works in the garden, having a huge amount of gardening tools or purchasing all the tools is not necessary. 

Gardening Tools Names

  1. Apron
  2. Ax
  3. Boots
  4. Bucket
  5. Earthworm
  6. Fence
  7. Fertilizer
  8. Flower bed
  9. Flowerpot
  10. Garden hose
  11. Garden trowel
  12. Gardener
  13. Gardening fork
  14. Gardening gloves
  15. Grass
  16. Grasscutter
  17. Hedge shears
  18. Hoe
  19. Ladder
  20. Lawnmower
  21. Pitchfork
  22. Plant pot
  23. Pruners/pruning shears
  24. Pruning saw
  25. Rake
  26. Recycling bin
  27. Scissors
  28. Scythe
  29. Seeds
  30. Shed
  31. Shovel
  32. Sickle
  33. Spade
  34. Tap
  35. Watering can
  36. Wheelbarrow

Details of Gardening Tools

  1. Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves are made with polymer and rubber, just like normal gloves, to protect the gardener or anyone from the chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides available in the garden soil. It also keeps our nails and fingers clean while working in the soil and waters in a garden.

  1. Watering can

The watering can is a portable water container made up of either tin or plastic fiber, having a handle on one side to hold with the hand and easily water the small plants. The mouth of the watering can is designed like a funnel, narrow pipe, and showerhead so that the water spreads on the plants like rainfall. 

  1. Shovel

The shovel is a long gardening tool used to dig the soil in the garden when it is necessary for planting the plant. It is also used to remove the loose soil near the plants or any places in the garden. It is known with various names such as a garden shovel, garden trowel, hand shovel, or sometimes garden spades.

  1. Garden hose

A garden hose is a flexible watering pipeline in the garden used to water the plants, and certain attachments are also available like a tap, pressure nozzles, or sprinkles that sprinkle the water in the garden. It is used when watering a wide range from a single point in the garden.

  1. Garden trowel

A garden trowel is a kind of spade or shovel-like handheld tool used to dig the soil on a small scale with a pointed scoop shape. With this trowel, we can use this tool to remove the weeds and excess grass or unwanted waste from the soil to grow the plant easily and enhance their nourishments. We can also use it to loosen the soil near the roots to treat the plant to grow better or transfer the plant from one pot to another. 

  1. Lawn Mower

It is a mechanical machine used to cut the garden grass that grows excessively and makes it a particular level in the garden. It is capable of cutting the largely grown grasses or other unwanted weeds that grow on the ground.

  1. Flowerpot

The flowerpot is a kind of jar-like structure that is used to plant seeds or small plants by putting the soil in the pot. The good thing about planting the plant in a pot is that we can replace it anytime from one place to another. 

  1. Rake

The rake is a broom for outside use as it has some toothed bar on one side and a handle on the other end of the rake that is used to collect the dry leaves, hay, grasses in a place. We can also use it to level the loose materials like soil, mulch, or leaves in the garden.

  1. Fertilizer

The fertilizers are the chemical or organic compounds that provide crops with the nutrients, phosphorus, and other essential elements that help the crop to grow faster than normal and become more productive. 

  1. Sickle

A sickle is one of the oldest gardening tools that is used for harvesting certain crops and plants like rice, wheat, grass, and other scrubby under bushes, vegetables, cereal plants. It has a wooden handle head and a metallic sharp edge curved portion that easily cuts the weeds, grass, pr other plants, but it needs a practice of cutting and handling. Otherwise, it is also very dangerous for beginners though it cuts the fingers easily and harms you. It is one of the most useful tools in the garden and is used for various purposes other than cutting weeds.

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