Names of Toes: Individual Names of Toes on Feet

Do you know the Individual Names of Toes on Feet? here we are going to talk about the toes names.

The body structure of a human being is made up of bones, tissues, trillions of cells, and other parts that make up different structures of the human body. An excellent example of the combination of bones is the phalanges of our feet which contain 56 bones. We have the name of our toes as the fingers have. 

The fingers of the legs are called toes, and the bones that form toes are called phalanges.

names of toes

Names of Toes (Foot fingers name)

The Hallux- (The Big Toe)

The Hallux is the name of the first toe of our feet. It is also called the big toe because its appearance is bigger than other toes of feet. It is the most prominent and only toe, with only two phalanges, i.t, the proximal and distal bones. We also know this toe as the thumb toe or leg thumb.

The Index/Pointer Toe- (The Second Toe)

The index toe is the second toe of the feet and the first toe after the hallux. It is also called the pointer toe or the second toe, and it has three phalanges, i.e., the proximal, middle, and distal bones. This toe is either the same as the hallux and other toes or may vary in length compared to others. Sometimes, it is also called the tallest toe of the feet.  

The Middle Toe- (The Long Toe)

The third toe of the feet is called the long toe or the middle toe. This toe also has three phalanges as the Index toe. Its size may vary from person to person, whether its length is bigger for some person or smaller or as same as that index toe. 

The Ring Toe- (The Fourth Toe)

The fourth toe is called the ring toe, and it is a little smaller than or the same as the middle toe. For some people, it is the same as with the last toe. The length of this toe is not identical for all. It may vary from person to person. It also contains the proximal, middle, and distal bones.

The Outermost/Pinky toe- (The small toe)

The fifth toe or the last toe of the feet is called the outermost toe or the pinky toe. It is also known as the baby toe because it is the smallest toe of the feet. 

In some exceptional cases, any newborn baby has one extra toe on either foot or both. This is called polydactyly in biological terms.

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