50+ Water Transport Name in English with Images

Are you looking for a List of water transport name vehicles in English with pictures? here, we will see the various water transport vehicle names used for water transportation in a list given below and their information.

Water Transport

Water Transportation is one of the best and most efficient transportation services in today’s generation. Many countries that are somehow occupied with the water bodies use these transport facilities with their neighboring nations and improve their trades and businesses.

water transport name

There are a lot of water vehicle designs, and various types of services are to be invented due to the advancements in the field of technology. This transport facility is not only to connect nations or in the seas and oceans, but also has to cover the inland rivers and canals in the country. It is also used for traveling and tourist purposes. 

Water transportation is one of the cheapest transport facilities and slow service that transports people, animals, things, and other kinds of stuff from one place to another.

List of Water Transport Name

Sr no.ImageWater Transport Name
4.Cruise Ship
12.Bulk Carrier
14.Cargo Ship
15.Container Vessel
16.Oil Tanker
18.Luxury & Cruising Yacht
21.Special Trade Passenger (STP) Ship 
22.Ro-Ro Ship
23.Tramp Freighter
24.Tug Boat
25.Raft Boat
30.Liquefied Gas Carrier
31.Jet Scooter
34.Pirate Ship

Details of Water Transport Vehicle

1. Ship

The ship is a kind of very large-sized boat, like a large buoyant watercraft. It is used in the transportation of passengers and goods too. They run in lakes, seas, and massive rivers for performing various activities. There are many ships like container ships, cargo ships, battleships, naval ships, cruise ships, etc.


2. Boat

A boat is a plank of wood-made small type of watercraft used to work or travel over water bodies, protected coastal areas, or offshore environments. It can either be propelled manually or by the motor engine. The primary use of the boat is to transport a small number of passengers from one side to another side, for a short distance.


3. Ferry

A ferry is either a boat or a ship that is primarily used to carry passengers, vehicles, or cargo across the water body. It works like a water taxi which stops at various points to carry or drop passengers from place to place. 


4. Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are big passenger ships that are used for outings and vacations. These cruise ships stop in several big ports and carry passengers or travelers who travel to enjoy or have pleasure.

cruise ship

5. Yacht

A yacht is a medium-large-sized recreational ship or boat used for racing, entertainment, or cruising purposes. It is a dutch origin vessel, a lightweight and fast sailing boat used by the Dutch navy to capture sea pirates.


6. Submarine

A submarine is a large boat or ship that is packed and designed to operate underwater while submerged in water bodies. It is mostly used for navy operations and war purposes, along with a periscope to view outside. 


7. Speedboat

A speedboat is nothing but a motorboat or powerboat which travels faster powered by engines. Some speedboats are inboard engines and are flat and longer in size, specially designed for boat racing and waterbed scorching above the water body. 

speed boat

8. Steamboat

Steamboats are boats of old times that are watercraft propelled by steam, and a narrow- shallow-draft paddle wheel is rotated by the steam pressure and rotates the turbine blades to propel the boat. These boats were found in the era of the 19th century.

steam boat

9. Hovercraft

The hovercrafts were developed in the middle of the 19th century to transport cars and other things from the water routes. It has big air propellers at the base of the craft to pull forward by pushing the air back.


10. Seaplane

An aircraft that flies high in the air but doesn’t have wheels to take off or land on land. It floats on the water and is a powered fixed-wing craft that takes off and lands on the water’s surface by floating. It is also called flying boats and floating planes by its structures.


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