100+ Clothes Dress Names for Girls

Are you looking for dress names for girls? See Below We have a great list of all dress names with a picture.

Dress Name

We all know that fashion is mainly invented and is used for girls and implementing their utilities whether their dress, accessories, makeups essentials and other stuff. And if we are talking about the dress fashion and the various patterns that girls wear is a very vast part. If any girl wants to select a dress for her to wear at a night out party, they have endless options. 

clothes dress names for girls

Various types of outfits, clothes, and dress patterns according to their mood, occasion, and body figures for girls. Here we have covered more than one hundred dress style patterns for girls who wear these dresses somehow. 

Let us have a look at this list of Dress Names for Girls in English, and this will help you to know about their dress styles fashions and improve their skills to know and understand girls better.

List of Dress Names for Girls

  1. Skirt
  2. Apron Dress
  3. Asymmetrical Dress
  4. Baby Doll Dress
  5. Ballgown
  6. Balloon Dress
  7. Blouson Dress
  8. Cardigan
  9. Bra
  10. Bubble Dress
  11. Camisole Dress
  12. Low Or Drop Waist Dress
  13. Maxi Dress
  14. Mermaid Silhouette Dress
  15. Bell-Sleeve Dress
  16. Corset Dress
  17. Culotte Dress
  18. Debutante Dress
  19. Gym Clothes
  20. Halter Dress
  21. Halterneck Dress
  22. Draped Dress
  23. Dress Pants
  24. Empire Waist Dress
  25. Fit And Flare Dress
  26. Kaftan Dress
  27. Kimono Dress
  28. Leggie
  29. Little Black Dress
  30. Tutu Dress
  31. Uniform
  32. Wedding Dress
  33. Body-Con Dress
  34. Bouffant Dress
  35. Cape Dress
  36. Long Coat
  37. Wrap Around Dress
  38. Xray Dress
  39. Yoke Dress
  40. Swimsuit
  41. Swing Dress
  42. Tanktop
  43. Pouf Dress
  44. Princess Seam Dress
  45. Princess Silhouette Dress
  46. Qipao Dress
  47. Sack Dress
  48. Saree
  49. Trumpet Dress
  50. Long Sleeve Dress
  51. Midi Dress
  52. Mini Dress
  53. Off Shoulder Dress
  54. One-Shoulder Dress
  55. Pancho
  56. Slip Dress
  57. Pillowcase Dress
  58. Shirt Dress
  59. Harem Dress
  60. High-Low Dress
  61. Hoodie
  62. Jacket
  63. Jeans
  64. Bandage Dress
  65. Cocktail Dress
  66. Denim Dress
  67. Gathered Dress
  68. Goun
  69. Granny Dress
  70. Cargo
  71. Coat Dress
  72. Handkerchief Hem Dress
  73. Paneled Dress
  74. Sun Dress
  75. Sweater Dress
  76. Tea Length Dress
  77. Tent Dress
  78. Blazer Dress
  79. Pinafore Dress
  80. Polo Dress
  81. Sheath Dress
  82. Shift Dress
  83. A-Line Dress
  84. Bardot Dress
  85. Party Dress
  86. Shirtwaist Dress
  87. Top
  88. Shorts
  89. T-Shirt Dress
  90. Peplum Dress
  91. Smock Dress
  92. Strapless Dress
  93. Pencil Dress
  94. Tube Dress
  95. Skater Dress
  96. Smoked/Layered Dress
  97. Peasant Dress
  98. Tunic Dress
  99. Shrug
  100. Stockings
  101. Trouser Dress
  102. Chemises

Details of Dress for Girls

  1. Ballgown

A ballgown dress is a gown type dress whose upper side is a slim fit formal with a cut near the shoulder and below side looks like a ball that hits the floor, which is to be worn in any formal event.

  1. Empire Waist Dress

The empire waist dress looks very beautiful in a fit lady and is a design of the 18th century. This dress gathers the bust of the upper part of the body that is smaller than it will pinch you up off the abdomen and make you look more heightened than normal. This dress is perfect for some short girls and enhances their beauty.

  1. Body-Con Dress

The Bodycon dress is a tight-fitting dress to the body which holds your body figure tightly. This dress is an ideal selection for some girls who want to look beautiful and are willing to flatter their beautiful curves.

  1. Wrap Around Dress

The Wraparound dress wraps the body from one side and knots the fabric from the other side to look better, which is present on the waist or back portion. The look of this dress is like a classic silhouette which is perfect for slim and fit body girls. 

  1. Princess Silhouette Dress

The Princess Silhouette dress looks exactly like a typical Disney dress. This dress is fit from top to waist, and it is loose like a handkerchief dress from the bottom that attracts this dress and looks like a real princess. This dress is perfect for those who want to look like a princess.

  1. Long Sleeve Dress

A long-sleeved dress is a full-sized dress with full-handed sleeves and a long bottom. It is suitable for cold weather freezing environments and also tends to look attractive in this dress. This dress is also for those who want to cover their entire hand with a dress and also want to look better.

  1. Midi Dress

A midi dress is a combination or in between designs of maxi dress and mini dress, respectively. It looks beautiful on any girl, and also its design is a neckline or sleeve on the top.

  1. Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is a kind of long dress whose appearance is exactly like a long shirt with a beautiful look and attraction. This dress has a collar on top and buttons to cover from the front. The shirt dress makes you feel good and cool in looks. It is also better to dress up and dress down than other dresses.

  1. Denim Dress

A denim dress is a kind of professional type jeans pattern dress that is available in various designs. It comes in long sleeves, and a button from the front side and a painfore with many pockets makes it look casual on any girl.

  1. Handkerchief Hem Dress

A twist in a dress is a combination of an asymmetrical dress with a handkerchief dress. A hem is developed from the dress to look like a handkerchief is hung on this dress as a handkerchief is grabbed from the center. 

  1. Blazer Dress

A blazed dress is perfect for any businesswoman or any ambitious girl from any society that tends to look like a working girl, and its appearance is also better than other formal dresses. 

  1. T-Shirt Dress

A casual dress looks like a large t-shirt to be worn by the girls and feels very relaxed from outside. T-shirts like regular ones with large sizes to be worn with a pencil skirt or leggies. 

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