Days of the Week in English

A week contains seven days in it and each day has a different name accordingly.

Let us know the name and no. of days in a week with the help of the table given below.

Days of the Week

Sequence of the DayName of the DayAbbreviation Name
days of the week

Now, we all know the days in a week and their names by the table above.

But do you know how these days are named?

  1. Monday is a day whose name is associated with the Moon.
  2. Tuesday is taken from the Tiw God, which is associated with Planet Mars.
  3. Wednesday is taken from the Germanic God named Odin.
  4. Thursday is taken from the God Thor, a Germanic god.
  5. Friday is taken from the Germanic god named Frigga, originated from Planet Venus.
  6. Saturday is taken from the name of Planet Saturn.
  7. Sunday is taken from the Sun.

One more thing that you all have to know about these seven days.

We all know that there are seven (7) days in a week, as days of the week, but if we say about the weekdays & weekends, they are not actually the same as seven in numbers.

  • The Weekdays contain only five (5) days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • The Weekends contain the rest two days that are Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

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