Chicken Body Parts Name with Pictures

Are you looking for a chicken body parts name or hen body parts name or a rooster body parts name? In this post, we compiled a list of all chicken body parts name.

Parts of a Chicken

As we all know Chicken is very popular in the group of non-vegetarian dishes, among all other animal flesh, beef, and steaks. Chicken is a common name. The male one is called Rooster, and the female is a hen. The little chicks are called the chicken. The appearing difference between them can easily be identified with the comb and the wattles. If any farmer wants to raise a chicken commercially, he must know all information about the different body parts of the chicken. Meats and eggs and chicken are very necessary and popular food for humans.

As with other animals’ body parts, chicken also has nomenclatures of various body parts. Some are common, and some make us improve our vocabulary skills. Let us know the various body parts of chicken in English.

chicken body parts name

Chicken Body Parts Name

  1. Abdomen
  2. Back
  3. Base
  4. Beak
  5. Breast
  6. Cape
  7. Claw
  8. Comb
  9. Ear Lobes
  10. Eye
  11. Eye ring
  12. Feather
  13. Flight Feathers
  14. Fluff
  15. Foot
  16. Hackles
  17. Keel
  18. Lesser Sickles
  19. Points
  20. Saddle Feathers
  21. Shank
  22. Shoulder
  23. Spur
  24. Tail
  25. Thigh
  26. Toe
  27. Vent
  28. Wattle
  29. Wings
  30. Wing Bars
  31. Wing Bow

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